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6G will Achieve Terabits per second Speeds

The world has just begun working on 5G networks. Although the network was launched in some countries, work is now underway to expand it in many countries. China has announced that it will work with 6G only during this period of 5G. Meanwhile, the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology has started preparatory activities for 6G. The company has also had discussions with experts about this fast-moving Internet system. 6G will achieve Terabits per second speeds.

Experts say 6G will speed 8000 times more than 5G. As such, 6G speeds will be 1 terabyte per second. China has done two groups for research work on 6G. One of these has been made with the executives. Who will oversee the work from the ministry. Another group is made up of purely technicians. Who will do the job.

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There are 37 groups specializing in two groups. Teachers and researchers from different universities, research institutes, technology companies and other institutions will work together. Research and development on the 5G network has taken at least 10 years.

Experts say that if we start working on the development of 6G, it will be at least 2030 to succeed. However, China has already announced that it will work on 6G with South Korean electronic giant Samsung. In June last year, they were reported to be working with 6G.

Japan to launch 6G network in 2030

Experts do not yet know exactly what can be done with 5G. The fifth-generation network has been launched in just a few countries. Meanwhile, Japanese news media have told Nikki that the Japanese government wants to launch Sixji in 2030.

The country’s mobile operator NTT DoCoMo and Toshiba are working on the development of 6G in government financing. They will submit a report on the performance goals and policy support of 6G by June next. 6G campaign will also cost government money. Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications expects 6G to be 10 times faster than 5G.

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Not just Japan, China, South Korea and Finland have also begun research on 6G. If anything related to the Communication Standard is patented, it will be possible to earn huge amounts of money by selling parts and software in the future. Japan was not very active with 5G. So 5G is spreading very slowly in the country compared to China or South Korea. As a result, they have already started preparing for the 6G.

The Chinese government announced in 2019 that two research and development centers will be set up for 6G. Finland has announced the launch of a research and development project. South Korea is not excluded. Last year, Samsung and LG opened two research centers separately.

The unused high frequency radio wave will be used in 6G expansion. It is not yet clear what benefits will be available when 6G is launched.

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