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8 Reasons why Younger People should take up Walking

We all walk But there are fewer people who walk enough. There are many benefits to this walk – it improves the muscles, protects and repairs the body, helps digestion, and also prevents aging by keeping the brain refreshed. In addition to walking, it increases the creativity of people’s thoughts, improves mood or mood and also helps reduce stress or stress. Let’s know 8 reasons why younger people should take up walking.

Neuroscientist Professor Shane O’Mara points out some of the benefits of walking. He did a brain study at Trinity College in Dublin.

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The brain remains active

Being inactive means a loss of muscle strength in the body. But more importantly, the brain also began to dry and die. When we walk, the molecules or molecules that are created in the muscle help keep our brain active. A special molecule in it helps blood flow to the brain. As a result, our brain cells develop. As a result, walking becomes more powerful.

Heart is good

Walking is very beneficial for the heart. Our ancestors, who hunted and lived, walked 15 to 17 miles a day. “Their heart was really much better than the heart of today’s people,” said Shane O’Mara.

In the South American jungle, there is a tribe of seamen whose 80-year-old heart works like a 50-year-old American heart. This is because they are active all day long.

Helps to digest

Walking also acts as a friend to human maturity. “When people walk a lot, their food is digested more,” said Shane. “If you go out walking without consuming drugs to treat constipation, that is good. It can help you get rid of digestive problems very easily.”

Helps solve the problem

Walking that enhances our creativity is scientifically proven. This also makes it easier to solve many problems. “When you are thinking about something, it is very helpful to solve the problem by not sitting in one place without getting frustrated.”

“We know from many great writers, philosophers and mathematicians how they have found solutions to many complex problems by walking.” For example, the story of the novelist Stephen King. He regularly walks out and walks a lot.

When philosopher and author Bertrand Russell also went out to walk, he used to put many of his thoughts in a small paper. And later he used all these great prose compositions.

Helps to overcome depression

Neurologist Shane O’Mara says it’s about sitting down with depression. “Recent research has shown that depression is more common among disabled people. In other words, simply saying, the more active you are, the better.

Depression is also believed to cause blood flow problems. “If you walk a lot, there is a problem with blood flow. They decrease dramatically,” he said. In some cases, walking is a type of vaccine or vaccine. Helps reduce depression.

Helps to be more open-minded and outgoing

In this regard, it is said that each of us has many things in our personality and they have to do with being active. Such as openness, being guided by conscience, being outgoing, agreeing to something, and so on.

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Experiments have shown that people who are inactive are less open-minded, less extroverted, and have many neurological problems. On the contrary, if you look at an active person, you will find that these things do not work very well. They are not easily affected by illness.

Helps in the metabolism process

The food we consume is converted into energy. Walking helps with this transition process. Experiments have shown that staying active throughout the day is much more beneficial than exercising at the gym.

Many people go to the gym to see it. After spending all day lying in bed, they think they will be healthy by the gym in that one hour. In fact, such exercises can encourage people to be inactive. “Because the body then says you’ve done your job, so you can sit down and eat now. Then the metabolism actually slows down.”

Helps keep the body structure intact

There are many of us who have to work all day in a chair, on a sofa or in a car. This can cause pain in the body, especially in the back.

“The human body is not designed to be in one position all day long. This is very bad for you. Getting up on a chair and walking regularly can relieve your back pain.

Source: BBC, Image: Freepik

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