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Home Tech Story Charging phone in Public Places can Hack Your Smartphone

Charging phone in Public Places can Hack Your Smartphone

The phone will be hacking if the battery is charged. No, there is no profit by looking at the mobile. This is happening in the tech world now. Hackers are more likely to hand over all the information you have on your mobile phone to the public place. Be careful if your phone or tablet is charging in public places. Because charging points at places like airports, railway stations, bus stops or cafes are now the main target for hackers. Charging phone in public places can hack your smartphone.

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When your mobile phone charges out, your face becomes dry. But at that time a bright smile erupted in the face of the hackers. With the help of smartphones, the world may have gone to your hands. But with that smartphone, all your data goes into the hands of hackers. And that is your ignorance.

There is a danger of putting a phone charge in a public place. Even if you take the phone off the charge but the danger is not less. Because hackers can use their charging port to turn on your phone’s WiFi at will. In fact, hackers are hacking your smartphone or tablet with a technology called juice jacking. There is no guarantee of the security of your phone’s data if the charging cable is plugged into the charging point. Your device may be hacked even if you charge it with your phone’s cable at public charging points.

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So to avoid danger, get out the phone by charging the phone flowers. If you can’t charge the phone, keep a power bank with you. It’s also not safe to switch off and charge. Because hackers can steal data even when the phone is locked through flash memory. You can use certain types of USB cable. These cables do not connect to the data mode. Just connect the charging pin to the port.

Source: G-News, Image: Business 2 Community

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