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5 Digital Marketing Trends through Social Media

Nowadays it is seen that when one starts a business, he first chooses digital marketing for his campaign. Dealers are getting more and more response from customers online or through digital marketing. For this product is reaching more consumers in a short time and on the other hand, labor and costs are also relatively getting low. At present, everyone uses social media and seems to be influenced by it. So social media is also the cornerstone of digital marketing. Today we will talk about some digital marketing trends through social media.

To successfully promote a product through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, There are some steps that need to be taken with time and keeping in mind the consumer needs. There are a number of social media trends in 2019, which are affecting the digital marketing world. Let’s find out what those trends are.

1. Video Promotion

Video promotion has now become one of the hottest trends for online marketing. Whether it’s a product promotion or a campaign, by making video is possible to get quick response from consumers. As you can see, the previous TV commercials emphasized more about just highlighting the product. And now the emphasis is on the quality of the product ‍and they more promoted to the consumer.

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In many cases, live videos can catch the attention of the consumer. The uses of live video on Facebook or YouTube is more noticeable now. Consumers are more likely to watch live videos about product development or its promoting event. According to a New York Magazine report, 85 percent of social media users prefer to watch live video for a campaign and 95 percent of brand owners think live video is so important to their campaign.

Digital Marketing Trends
5 Digital Marketing Trends through Social Media

2. Story Sharing

Many users are sharing their daily activities on ‘Story’ on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. People see them and react on it. This interest in Story Sharing can be exploited by people in the field of digital marketing. Many brands are promoting their affiliate organizations or media stars through social media.

Most people like to imitate the lives of media stars, So if the stars are using a particular brand of product, their fans are more interested in that product as well. People are now getting to know a lot more about each other’s personal lives for social media. Most of it comes from Story Shares. So sharing stories is a big trend in digital marketing.

3. Use of Chatbots

Chatbots are now being used by many in Facebook Messenger. Customers can also order through chatbots without having to talk directly about purchasing the product. Now online shopping has become easier and consumers are also attracting more. In addition to the helpline, many people use chatbots. Many take advantage of chatbots to provide familiar information about a company or brand. The question of what consumers can ask, the answer is already fixed. Even if no one is in front of the computer, the consumer can inform his needs and get solutions accordingly.

4. Paid Ad

One of the major benefits of campaigning on Facebook is that a product can be promoted separately for certain age ranges and certain regions. The cost is also relatively low. If you are promoting a Facebook user for a certain age group, the response is higher. Because then it can be reached to the consumers within a short time. People of all ages now use social media and a big part of that is Facebook users. That’s why the promotion of your product can be reached to consumers very quickly with paid ad. Now the use of this service has increased.

5. Customers Reviews

This seems to be the most popular marketing policy at present. When consumers express their opinion or review about a product, its increases credibility about the product. Many people want to buy the product after seeing good reviews and opinions and the promotion of that product can be very easy. When you have a bad opinion, it becomes negative marketing. So be careful about this. The same can be said about almost all products in the market. This approach requires the seller to have a good relationship with the consumer.

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