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Google has a Strong Position in Political Advertising

Google has put tough conditions for promoting political advertising in Google. Google has a strong position in political advertising. Knowing the political ideology of a particular person or group, Google will no longer offer the opportunity to promote political advertising to that particular person or group. News of the BBC.

Political people will not even get the chance to match their own voter lists with Google or YouTube users. The new Google policy will go into effect in the UK this week. It will be implemented in other countries of the world in phases.র্

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However, political people can promote their advertisement by targeting age, gender and place as before. Google Ad Head of Product Management Scott Spencer said in a blog post on Wednesday that the imposition of the new conditions does not make political advertising too much for misleading information. However, action must be taken against those who do not obey the rules.

Google’s policy appears to be between Facebook and Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg says his company doesn’t test the formula for political advertising on Facebook. And Twitter has said that they do not promote any political advertising.

Source: BBC, Image: The New York Times

Google is temporarily closed all China offices

Google closed all their offices in China due to the deadly Novella Corona virus. Google will also close its offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong. According to information from the Google website, from Wednesday noon Google decided to close their offices in China. News on Fox News.

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Google has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China. It is not yet known when these offices will open. In addition, Google has imposed restrictions on travel for their employees.

Not only Google but two other US companies Facebook and Apple have also limited their operations in China. According to the Chinese Ministry of Health, 132 people have died in coronavirus until Wednesday. In addition, about 6,000 people were affected. China has issued special instructions to prevent the virus.

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