Hope : Based on Na-Young Case – Movie Review

Hope : Based on Na-Young Case – Movie Review

What is most applicable to Korean movies is that their movies occupy the heart. To me, now South Korean movies are at the top of my list of interests and favorites. The movie is a mass media to build public opinion against social inequalities and wrongs. Therefore, as the film market is a business field in the global market, the film can present its industry as a spokesperson for society. In todays movie review – The Hope 2013 (Korean title So-won) movie got the best of me and the movie was made based on the most discussed Na-Young case.

South Korea’s 2008 “Na-Young Case” is one of the few discussed in the world. Where a 57-year-old drunk man was charged with physical abuse of an 8-year-old girl Na-Young. The defendant subsequently faces only 12 years in prison. On top of this fact, the Korean movie “Hope”, released in 2013 by Lee Joon-ik, also known as “Wish” (So-won), based on Na-Young case. The film wins the 34th Blue Dragon Award.

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On the way to school during a rainy day, an unidentified man agrees to give Hope an umbrella to his parents’ only daughter, who agrees. On that occasion the drunk old man physically abuses. The girl later called the Emergency Assistance Center. Then, as the story unfolds, the reality of the legal system and the role of the media is highlighted. You have to watch the whole movie to know the rest. After watching the movie ‘Hope’, I tried to write a short movie review I am sure this movie can take a permanent seat on your favorite movie list.

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