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How to be Successful on YouTube – 7 Easy Steps

We often look for successful YouTubers lifestyle, fan follower and monthly income and think we will also be a successful YouTuber. So many people started to create a YouTube channel to fulfill that wish and started making video for YouTube. However, not everyone can succeed in this task, but most of them are unsuccessful. There are several reasons behind this failure. I have been researching for a long time the cause of that failure and in this article I will share those reasons of failure and how to be Successful on YouTube witn 7 Easy Steps.

So for those of you who are new to YouTube or are thinking that you should start YouTube channel, this is my article for them. Hopefully after reading this article, You can easily understand why a YouTuber does not succeed or subsequently fails. Then if you work on youtube taking into account those things, then you can easily become a successful YouTuber.

Must follow 7 Step to be successful on YouTube

Here are 7 easy steps I have discussed, I believe that can be very useful in creating new YouTube content.

1. Working with the Correct Topic:

There are many of us who come to YouTube and start dealing with the wrong topic. That is the main reason behind your failure. What most YouTuber does is enter first into YouTube and then look at the popular contents that other people have succeeded with on YouTube. You start working on that matter too, this is a very wrong decision. Just because he is successful does not mean that you will find success in the same way. You need to work on a topic that you like best and the topic you have the knowledge to make a video. That will be of benefit to you. Then you won’t have to bother making videos anymore. Which will one day take you to the far end of success.

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2. Quality & Watchtime:

No matter what type of video you create, your video must have quality. Without quality, you will not be able to rank your videos in any way. Because when your video does not have the quality but your entire video will not be seen by anyone. This will reduce your video’s watchtime, which is very detrimental to your video’s ranking. So if you want to rank video, you must increase the video’s watchtime. And to increase the watchtime, the video should bring quality. Without quality, no one will watch your video until the end.

3. Regular Video Upload:

One thing you must keep in mind when it comes to success on YouTube. And that’s whether you’re a regular on your channel. This problem is more commonly seen among newcomers. As a result, they cannot move very far. When you create a new YouTube channel, you must regularly upload videos. Because your viewers can easily connect to your channel when you upload videos regularly. Whatever the good sign is to succeed on YouTube.

It shouldn’t happens, uploaded a video today and did not upload any videos for 2-3 weeks. There must be, Either you upload a video every day or you upload a video twice a week or once a week, this way of uploading videos should be regular.

OnPage & OffPage SEO
Search Engine Optimization. Image : Pixabay
4. OnPage & OffPage SEO:

In order to get your video ranked and correctly grown your channel, There is no alternative to OnPage and Offpage SEO. If you want to make your channel bigger and bring your videos to the rankings. Of course, you need to properly do OnPage SEO and Offpage SEO. Onpage SEO is what we do when we upload videos, examples include: titles, decription, tags etc should be properly optimized. And offpage SEO means doing some optimization outside of video. In addition, if possible create some backlinks to your video. Which is very effective in ranking your video.

5. Photoshop Basic / Photo Editing:

One thing to keep in mind, If you want to be successful on YouTube, you must know one thing. That is basic knowledge of Photoshop or any of the good photo editing software. Because when you make videos for your channel on a regular basis, Then you’ll need Photoshop works or photo editing works. Also the most important thing is that, You have to create a thumbnail to each video or other graphics content and to create it you will need Photoshop or any other photo editing software. So before coming to YouTube you must learn the basics of Photoshop or any other photo editing software.

Good for photo editing - Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)
Good for video editing – Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Image from Twitter
6. Video Editing Skill:

Of course, to bring quality to your video, a good video editing software is required. Many people do video editing with different software, which reduces the quality of their video. So you must use good quality software which can be improved your video quality. And if you want to see yourself as a successful YouTuber, you must know the work of a good video editing software. So I tell you, before you come to YouTube, take a month to study video editing ‍as well.

7. Be Patient:

YouTube is a platform where no one can tell when a video will rank and when its channel will grow. So there is only one solution to this, and that is patience. Many of the people I have seen become successful YouTuber with just a few videos and there are many people who still can’t grow their channel with 100-150 videos. But yes I also saw a lot of people who regularly uploaded videos that did not get enough view. But after few months, their videos have been ranked and then they had become quite a successful YouTubers.

So you can never be disappointed if you want to succeed on YouTube. Of course, you must be patient to making content and upload videos regularly, whether these videos are viewed by people or not. Then when 100-150 videos are uploaded, then you will see that after ranking some videos, your other videos will start to get a good amount of views. Then it will not take too long to grow your channel.

Image : Pixabay

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