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How to Speed up your Computer – Follow 5 Tips

Any electronics device starts to slow down after some time. The computer is also not its exception. After buying a new computer that works at a fast pace, its speed decreases over time. There are many reasons behind this slowdown. Decreasing the performance of various parts of the computer is one of the main reasons. However, there are just a few reasons that if we can effortlessly do a little practice in our work, we can prevent the computer from slowing down a lot. So let’s know how to speed up your Laptop or Computer and try to follow 5 tips & tricks.

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The computer’s slowing down is a very annoying thing for everyone. Be it in the office or at home or at your own personal business time. First, it creates a kind of mental turmoil, In addition, the amount of time required to do the work is taking longer than expected. By changing different parts, we can easily get rid of this problem. However, it is not always possible to change the parts. Because it costs money.

In many cases, even having money, We haven’t enough time is available to buy and install equipment. So without changing any computer parts, I will talk about how to keep the computer speed, through absolutely some normal tasks.

Keep your computer virus free

As we all know, attacks of any kind of virus can slow the computer down. So always try to keep the computer virus free. However, it is not possible to keep the computer virus free even after many attempts. Because we often have to provide different files, Because everyday we often have to upload and download different files to the computer and have to use pen drive of different people.

Besides, all of our computers have internet connection now. From these two mediums, the most common virus is likely to be infected. At present, many viruses are downloaded without the user being aware. So to avoid the virus, we have to take some precautions. Although Windows Defender works well for Windows operating systems.

However, a third party free / premium antivirus should be used as an added precaution. And before exchanging files with a pen drive or any other file, the files must be scanned. Once the file is taken from the pen drive of other people, It is better to open the folder without opening it directly. Because if you open it directly on file, it can attack the computer very quickly.

Clear browsing history and cookies

Currently we are browsing the Internet more than ever before. We use social media, read magazines, find information or addresses on the Internet. All these browsing information is stored in all browsers. As a result, its a profit to the users, as well as the profit of various advertising giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon etc.

With all of this history stored in the browser, users can easily find it if they go to find similar information again. In addition, as browser and website user information is stored, advertising companies can easily find potential buyers of their products. However, the problem is, if too much information is stored in the browser, the browser becomes slow. So, clear browsing history and cookies will increase the speed somewhat.

Delete Temporary Files

Temporary files are some junk files created by a computer’s operating system. The operating system creates these files on the computer without aware of the computer user. Whenever a file is opened on a computer, the computer program creates a junk file. In this way, the number of files open in the day, the number of junk files are created on the computer. As the size of this file becomes larger, the computer’s normal speed decreases. So they should be cleaned regularly.

You can do this manually or do this with the code. If you are using Windows 7, by pressing %temp% from the Start menu and pressing Enter, all temporal files will be opened. You can easily delete files. On Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems, you will also have to type %temp% from the run command to get junk files. And by typing %temp% in the Cortana search box on the Windows 10 operating system, the folder with shown on search section and by open the folder from there, you can easily delete this junk files.

Keep the recycle bin clean

Probably the most neglected part of our computer is the Recycle bin. Because it’s a dustbin of a computer and we use it just like dustbin. Any unnecessary files on our computer are deleted and stored in the Recycle bin.

If the garbage in the house is not cleaned for a long time, it is made of stink. If the files are stored in the recycle bin and not cleaned for a long time, it may slow down the computer. Because the files stored in the Recycle bin occupy the hard drive space.

Uninstall unnecessary software

Of all the above, this is the most efficient way to keep your computer up to speed. We are often temporarily installing software for small tasks that are no longer useful. This way, many unnecessary software gets stored on the computer. These unnecessary software occupies many places and the power of parts of the computer. As a result, the computer is forced to slow down. So uninstall unnecessary software and keep your computer faster.

So if you have any unnecessary software on your computer today, uninstall them. You will see that the speed of the computer will increase somewhat. You can increase the speed of the computer in other many ways. However, without spending any money, only by keeping these habits above, you will be able to save quite a bit from slowing down the computer.

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