What to do if your WordPress site is Hacked

What to do if your WordPress site is Hacked

Your WordPress site can also be hacked with many security features. As we often hear, many sites are reported to be hacked. If the site is hacked, he may not know what to do then. Currently WordPress has over 30% of websites worldwide. If the WordPress site is hacked what should we do this article is highlighted on this topic.

Restore site backup

After being hacked, you should first install the backup file of your website. If you use a plugin for backup, it will be provided documentation for backup of that plugin, or provide a guideline how to install plugin and restore the backup. Which is different system for different plugins. You will find numerous tutorials on on YouTube of how to restoring backup files on WordPress site. If you haven’t backed up or do not used a plugin for backup, contact your hosting provider. They have daily, weekly and monthly backups of your website. Install the backup of your site from them.

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Edit the database

After installing the backup, login to your site’s database. Change the name of your database, prefix, and everything. Change the username you are given, as well as your password. See if there is any other user as admin on your website. Many times a hacker sets up an admin account for himself so that he can hack again later. So, of course, keep in mind.

Check the Safe Browser

After your site is run, you should now see if the site is safe with Google or not. Often phishing pages can be uploaded to a single folder. For this, you should copy the URL and visit your web site.

Check User Permissions

If your site has more users then check all your user permissions. Your site can be hacked a lot of times for user roll, so keep an eye on it. And yes, ask your users to change their username and password.

Change the secret key

Salt or Secret Key encrypts your important information. That is in your wp-config.php folder. Many times a hacker places his own salted wp-config file, which allows him to decrypt your secret information. So quickly go to https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt/ and make a salt and paste it into the wp-config.php file.

Delete unnecessary plugins and themes

Which plugins you do not use anymore, delete them as soon as possible. See if there are any themes or plugins that can be updated. If so, update them quickly. Remember that 50 percent of the reasons why WordPress sites are hacked are these backdated plugins and themes. Most of the time the site is hacked due to themes and plugins. It is good to be 100 yards away from that theme or plugin.

Scan Malware

Do a full scan of your site to see if there is any malware on your site. If you’ve already used a security plugin, you can scan your site with this. If you do not use a security plugin, install a security plugin. My recommand is that you can use the wordfence plugin.

Be aware of the use of hosting

Find out a little better about the hosting company your site is using. Many times the site may become hacked for server vulnerabilities. Don’t buy hosting from such company. Especially for those who use shared hosting, this aspect is a bit more important to keep in mind. If a shared hosting web site gets hacked, sometimes the rest of the sites on that server get hacked. It is best if you do not use shared hosting. Hosting from a good company seems good.

Source: Ittefaq, Image: Pixabay