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Job Interview Question – Tell Me About Yourself

The most frequently encountered question in a job interview is talking about yourself. The employer usually asks this question at the beginning of the interview. It is said, this is a question that determines whether or not the employer will hire you. Again, this is one of the most important opportunities to present yourself to the employer. But how and how to tell you about yourself, how to say your words. In this article, let’s not know about “How to tell about yourself in answer of question in a job interview“.

Why Questioners ask this Question?

Before answering the question, you should know why employers ask this question. Then the answer is easy to make. Employers ask this question, because:

  1. They wants to know you, That means they want to understand how qualified you are as a candidate.
  2. They want to see how well you can present yourself.
  3. Above all, the questioners want to break into your inner being, to make you simple and easy. So that you can answer the following questions in a simple and easy way.

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Say whatever you want in Response

Tell them about yourself. Just about you, nothing irrelevant can be said in any way. Suppose you went to a store to buy mobile. If find a beautiful mobile in your front of eyes, then you usually ask the sales man to talk about the features of mobile. Imagine if at this time the sales man told how the mobile was made, would you be interested to hear more? Or would you be more interested in hearing about the features of mobile that will work for you?

The same is true of “About yourself“. Say something that makes employers curious about you. Not something that’s irrelevant. That is, something that sets you apart from the other candidates. Prove you the best candidate. So what you can say in this case is:

  1. Start with yourself, tell your school, study, what subject you studied.
  2. Mention if you are from an institutional breakthrough – such as a scholarship, first place, etc.
  3. But if you have work experience, talk about your previous work experience, your achievements, skills and so on.
  4. Prove the two qualities you said, why you think these are good qualities.
  5. Talk about your weakness and simultaneously explain how you are trying to overcome the weakness.
  6. Finish the whole talk in 2 to 3 minutes.

Which is not to say

  1. In answer to such questions, there are some things that can never be said, these are:
  2. Bring on your family issues, such as what your father does, what your mother does, how many member in the family you have.
  3. To say something that is not related to the position for which you are interviewing, or in any way will not be used for the relevant post.

We all know about ourselves. But it can never produce good results if it is not properly presented. On the other hand, distinguishing yourself from the hundreds of candidates presented properly. Which is the introduction of a successful worker. So know yourself and lift yourself up successfully.

Image : Pixabay

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