How to keep your Heart Healthy & Disease Free

How to keep your Heart Healthy & Disease Free

Water pumps supply water from the bottom of a large building to the top. This is exactly what the vital organ called the heartbeat does in our body. Transmits blood from the toes to the head. If water gets dirty in the pipeline, the water cannot move properly. Likewise, with dirt accumulated in the veins of our bodies, blood cannot flow properly. This article discusses what we need to do to keep your heart healthy & disease free.

The name of the blood dirt is Atherosclerosis. This Atherosclerosis (vascular fat) is made up of more fatty foods, drugs, and smoking on the body. If we are unable to control weight according to age and height, additional pressure is placed on the heart. Then the heart can not properly supply blood throughout the body. As a result, various diseases of the heart are made. Which is never desirable.

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The factors responsible for heart disease are:
  1. Extra mental stress and exhaustion.
  2. Terrible anxiety.
  3. Weight is more according to age and height.
  4. Lack of proper sleep for long years.
  5. Long-term side effects of any drug.
  6. Uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure.
  7. Kidney failure.
  8. Consuming drugs and smoking excessively.
  9. Family history.
  10. Side effects of a complex disease.
What we need to do to keep the Heart Healthy & Disease Free:
  1. Weight control should be done according to age and height.
  2. Extra sweet and fat foods, drugs, smoking should be avoided.
  3. Diabetes and high blood pressure should be controlled.
  4. Life means one war after another. You should regularly keep yourself happy to reduce stress.
  5. The work of religion, meditation provides emotional peace. Mental calmness is very important to keep the heart good.
  6. If you have heart disease in family history, be aware in advance.
  7. If you have heart disease, consult your doctor. It is very important to be on regular follow-up.
  8. Do a full body checkup every year. Our bodies are a huge factory. If a machine is weak, it can cause complications to the surrounding machine. So be aware of having time.
  9. Must eat nutritious food. Two liters of water is very important regularly. Excluding extra oils, spices, fatty foods is good.
  10. Walk when you have the chance. Walking under the open sky is great. Try not to do house chores regularly (cleaning the house, washing clothes, etc). It eliminates excess calories through sweat. Which reduces the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
  11. Try to sleep at the right time.
  12. Trying to climb up the stairs is good for the heart. However, if you have heart disease, you will live according to the doctor’s advice.
  13. To overcome frustration, keep yourself motivated by creativity and human well-being. Good work gives us self-satisfaction. If the mind is good, the heart will be good. Heart is an urgent organ. When we sleep, our heart beat is still active. If the heartbeat stops, our life will stop.

We should all follow the ways of keeping a good heart and making others aware.

Source: RTV, Image: Pixabay