10 Tips to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

10 Tips to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

If you are running a blog or website, you are using any advertising link. Whenever someone is using that link your money is being deposited. This is affiliate marketing. You are making money by helping to promote others. By following some simple rules you can get good results in this work. These methods are not related to Blogging, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization or anything else. Some of the changes to your site are related. Some methods and tips to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing are discussed in this article. You can apply the methods to the true work tested.

1. Keep font size large

You expect visitors to whom your site is not very important, but the links are more important. So they will not interested to read small font text. Keep the font size large so that it is easy to read and keep each text large enough to be easily read.

2. Offer something for free

There is a page called squeeze page on the website. From here visitors are given something like gifts. You can keep some for free download. If you notice that you will see the highest number of visitors to that page.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
3. Make the writing interesting

No matter what you write about, write it as if the visitor is interested in reading each word. It’s not easy to do the job. This is why you can learn by looking at the articles of various popular blogs. In one word, write brief, clear statements.

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4. Exclude visitor names

Do not force the visitor to enter their name while downloading something. Many people do not want to use their names easily. Even when writing comments. Provide email only. Only 20% of visitors are not interested because of name usage.

5. Create attractive buttons

Use the catchy word for the button. People like Instant Access, Instant Digital Downloads, Free Entry, Freebie etc.

6. Keep everything short

Do not place anything unnecessary on the webpage. Many visitors are especially annoyed when they see something else around the click. Hesitate to click. Assure the visitor that clicking there will be nothing strange.

7. Don’t hide affiliate links

Many do not display affiliate links as affiliate links. The reality is that visitors are less likely to click if they know it. Rather, refer to the affiliate link as the affiliate link. Visitors know that clicking there does not hurt, at least.

8. Use your identity

This issue is controversial. Many people do not express their identity for various reasons. Usually visitors want to be sure about the person, not like dealing with the invisible person. Use your contacts and pictures if possible.

9. Write from your own experience

Everyone experiences in two ways, one is direct and the other is indirect experience. You try to enhance your experience indirectly to others.

10. Emphasize the reader

You’ve made a blog or website to make money. Give yourself a chance to know what your statement is before. This is what visitors will be attracted to. Refer to the topic of earning money next. Once the visitor likes the site, he will be interested in the business link.

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