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Ode to My Father – A Complete Mellow Family Drama Movie

There is a proverb, “There can be many bad people on earth, but no one is a bad father.” Ode to My Father (Korean title Gukjesijang) wrote about the movie. Where a father’s story is arranged, the story of being a father is arranged, the responsibility of a father is explained and the story of a family is arranged.

It would be wrong even to say it is a movie review, in fact it is a manifestation of love. What kind of genius are Korean movie directors, this is understandable when watching their thriller, crime thriller, action, romantic genre movies. Many people say that Koreans can’t do a movie without thrills and fights. I tell them you watch this movie, you will find the full package of the movie in this movie. Ode to My Father is a totally a mellow Family Drama Movie. You will laugh, cry, enjoy this movie. It looks like someone is filming right in front of you. You wouldn’t understand it if the Koreans could make such a wonderful family drama movie.

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The story brief: The plot of the movie begins with the 1950s North Korean War. In this war, a ship with refugees sailed for Busan. Thousands of refugee families, along with another family, are rushing to get on the ship and this family of the Duk-soo family. Duk-soo is the eldest child of his family, who is only 5/6 years of age. Duk-soo’s parents give him the responsibility to hold on to his younger sister (Maksoon). With this, the Duk-soo’s parents board the ship with their two children. Duk-soo tries to get the ship back with his sister on his back. But suddenly Maksoon falls down from the backside in front of another refugee. Duk-soo’s father goes down to find Maksoon.

Ode to My Father Movie Scenes
Ode to My Father Movie Scenes. Image: IMDb

Before leaving, Duk-soo’s father tells him, “You’re the head of the family until I come back.” Shortly after the Duk-soo’s father came down, the ship left for Busan with 14,000 refugees. Then, in Busan, Duk-soo takes refuge with one of his aunts, including his mother and three siblings. Basically this is where the battle of life of Duk-soo begins. The struggle to survive in the story of life begins. You have to work hard to survive. It is the responsibility of listening to brothers and sisters, thinking about their future, caring for their mother, keeping the promise made by their father. Do you have to worry about protecting so much and thinking for yourself? Don’t leave. Because the older boys don’t think about it. They think about how the world will function and how to live in this world with responsibility.

And so, thinking of the promise made by the father, to keep the mothers and siblings in a good position, he push themselves in the face of challenging work. In 1963 due to financial problems, Duk-soo went to work in a coal mine in West Germany with a close friend Dal-gu. There they engage in the perilous task called the gastrocrobator.

One day while working in this mine, suddenly an accident occurred in the mine. Everyone says Duk-soo is dead. The dirty politics of the mining owner are about to go his life. The co-workers requested the mining owner to at least give the dead body a burial, but the owners did not mind. Not finding a way, colleagues set up a protest and, with the mercy of the widow, rescued Duk-soo alive. Duk-soo was admitted to the hospital. Another immigrant nurse Youngja worked here and she serving that Duk-soo healed. Within a few days, Duk-soo fell in love with Youngja. Then after recovering, Duk-soo returned to Busan. Later Duk-soo married her. After their marriage in 1973, in hopes of a better job, he and his friends left South Korea and went to war-torn Vietnam.

Then what is their future? Will Duk-soo be able to return to his family? Will he be able to keep his father’s promise? Will he be able to get his sister back? and can he able to find his father? You only have to watch the movie to find out.

After the ‘Forest Gump’ movie I watched, this was the only movie that didn’t dare skip a second. 2 hours 6 minutes will force you to sit in the whole movie. Looks like you have a very familiar story. It would seem that you are the story of my life. Some dialogs and some scenes will force you to cry.

The movie, made at a cost of just 13.1M US dollars, collects at the box office and earns 105M USD. The film occupies number three inside South Korea’s best-selling business movie. The film earned a total of 21 awards and 20 nominations including Actor, Actress, Direction, Cinematography, Supporting Actor and Actress.

Image: IMDb

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