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Parasite – Criticism of Satire Society

The society is divided into 3 groups based on the income of all. Upper class, middle class and lower class. The impact of each chapter of life is different in different classes. Just like a rainy night spent in the sloth for a high-class family, that same rainy night is a horrible for a lower-class family. There are very few movies that, after watching, I am convinced that this movie will not only be my favorite movie of the year but will be a movie that will remain in my memory from year to year. That such a movie is Parasite.

Traditionally, Joon-ho Bong’s new movie has also been criticized in the satirical nature of society. Like every one of his films, the screenplay here is incredibly intense. Director Joon-ho Bong created this modern masterpiece of Korean cinema. You might think of a science fiction or horror movie by the name of the movie, but no.

In the beginning we see a hilarious South Korean family, all of whom are struggling with poverty in a basement home. Looking at their work and interactions, you might get an impression that it will lead to a family drummer just like Hirokazu Korida’s “Shoplifters”, where a con-family comic will lead to a tragedy through some plot and dialogue.

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Until a certain time, the matter remains so. And then a rapid transition begins with the story, which leads you to a dark and intuitive ending. Movie management and screenplay by Joon-ho Bong himself. What is notable in his other films is the use of music. Some of his earlier films have scenes that change the background of the entire movie for background music, and the impression that came from watching the entire movie takes a turn.

You may remember the last scene in the movie “Mother”. The acoustic guitar track called “Dance” changed the tone and tone of the entire movie. These same in this movie. When you first hear of Mozart, Beethoven’s music used in many places in Paris, you wonder what else is new? Just then your entire concept will change the scene of Kim’s escape and her music.

Usually in an escape scene, the directors try to show close-up shots of the escaped actors and actresses, and the camera is parallel to them, so that we can understand the intensities of the fleeing characters. Music is a high tempo classic music or something that fits. But, in this movie, Joon-ho Bong added a UFO type of weird music, didn’t go around taking a close-up shot of the characters, moving at a consistent pace with them.

Their entire escapade has been repeatedly shown far away in wide shots, where they descend from the city’s wealthiest areas. Hours ago, where they were sitting in the most beautiful house in the city enjoying the rain, then as they were returning to their homes for the quickest events, the director wanted to point his eyes at Kim’s family returning from the floor.

Some scenes from Parasite movie
Some scenes from Parasite movie

You look at the characters in the Kim family. Each character is simultaneously dual in one tone throughout the movie. It seems optimistic about the future, the topic is giving a hilarious dialogue, and after a while, he suffers with financial backing and classes at the inferiority complex. But all of this good-for-evil, fall-out, and thief-coping game has a lot to do with a comedy like Wes Anderson’s movies that you never regret, or the director has never tried to do. However, the moment the movie’s plot moves towards a dark end through a quick transition, the momentum of the transition will also make you forget the pace of Liverpool or Real Madrid’s counter attack.

In the movie’s murderous Birthday Party say Kim’s killing of Mr Park was absolutely unacceptable. But, if this murder is going to happen, you can guess a lot by hearing Mr. Park’s oblique words about Mr. Park, the smell of his car in the car while he was hiding in the drawing room. They hit the most sensitive place of a middle-aged failing lower class.

Come to the end of it all. Many people have seen it confused. Bong Joon Ho wants to create a small smoke here too, though not so hard to de-cipher it. Kim is stuck in the cellar, but what the future holds is only Kevin’s dream. However, the fact that the boy will see one day, hoping to send a huge letter from the cellar with Morse code every day, really seems to have created a scorn.

Images : IMDb

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