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World’s most Powerful Passports Ranking published

Who doesn’t wants to travel around the world? Traveling peoples may from now on, seem to be interested in becoming citizens of countries in East Asia or Europe. Because the most powerful passports ranking in the world are from the two countries of this area and this reports published on magazine US News & World Report.

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According to the Henley Passport Index, Japan and Singapore are at the top of the ranking of the most powerful passport-holding countries in the world. The passports of these two countries are the most travel-friendly. Because passports holders in Japan and Singapore can travel without visas to 190 countries. Then there are South Korea, Germany and Finland. Because the passport holders of these three countries can go to 188 countries without visa. Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg are third on the list. Passport holders from these three countries can travel to 187 countries without visa.

In fourth place are France, Sweden and Spain. Passport holders of these countries can travel seamlessly to 186 countries of the world without a visa. Portugal, Austria and the Netherlands are fifth in the rankings. Passport holders from these three countries can travel to 185 countries without a visa. Afghanistan ranks lowest or 107th in the Henley Passport Index’s ranking. Passport holders of this country can travel to 25 countries.

Iraq ranks 106th, Syria 105th, Pakistan and Somalia 104th and Yemen 103rd in the most powerful passports ranking. Passengers of Iraq can pass without visas 27 countries, passenger of Syria 29 countries, Pakistan and Somali passports can visit 31 countries and Yemen passports holders can visit 33 countries without visas. Bangladesh is 99th in this rankings. The same position is in Eritrea and Iran. Passport holders from these three countries can travel to 40 countries without visas.

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