Six things that are Missing from the Earth

Six things that are Missing from the Earth

We all know that the world is full of natural resources. But many resources are eroding from the earth. Many things have become extinct due to lack of proper use. The six things that are missing from the earth are sand, phosphorus, helium, soil, bananas and orbit.

Sand: As much as sand is being made naturally, we are using it more. Because of this, sand is rapidly disappearing. You might be wondering how it is possible to create a sand deficit, where we have beaches, desert filled sand. But the fact is, sand is the hardest material to lift off the earth – with a groove. The UN says, we are using much higher rates than the rate at which natural sand is made. Eco-systems are being threatened by the lack of sand.

Helium: Helium gas is most commonly used in gas balloons. Beyond this, helium is also used as an essential component in medical science. But this is a resource limited to helium gas, which is extracted from the very bottom of the soil. We have twenty or thirty years in our hands, in which the gas reserves will run out. Helium gas will be lost from the earth when gas reserves are exhausted.

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Banana: Most of the bananas grown for commercial purposes are now infected with a fungus called ‘Panama Disease’. Panama disease spreads very rapidly in banana trees. In a similar disease in 1950, the cultivation of art in the world stopped. The farmers then turned away from the Gross Michael variety and began cultivating variety of the banana. But if this breed is also lost due to disease then one day it will be lost from the earth.

Soil: Earth’s soil cannot fly suddenly from anywhere on earth. But it is also a cause for concern because of the disorganization. Plants collect the nutrients they need from the top of the soil. An NGO named WWF – who works to protect the nature of the world – believes that the top soil has lost nearly half of the world’s total land in the last six years.

Phosphorus: The use of phosphorus in the lampshades is very important for lighting a fire. But at the rate at which the phosphorus reserves are depleted, it is only natural to be apprehensive. Not only is it important for biological science to make human DNA, but it is also used to produce a very useful fertilizer for farming. The way it is now, it is estimated that our current phosphorus mines will be able to supply for 350 to 400 years.

Orbiting Space: By 2019, about five million objects are orbiting the Earth. Only 2000 of these objects are operational-satellite. So far no traffic control system has been developed in the orbit. Apart from this, there is no technology to clean these unnecessary and obsolete items in the orbit. As a result, things like this are filling the orbit around the world. If this continues, the orbital space will also shrink at one time. – BBC

Source: Ittefaq, Image: Pixabay