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Home Tech Story The top Emerging Technologies in present era - Part One

The top Emerging Technologies in present era – Part One

Every year, new technology is making our lives easier. With the advancement of science, new technologies are being added to our lives. But not all of them have the same effect. Some will be lost within a few days, the face will be muted like most technologies, but some will survive from the next to the next. The World Economic Forum lists some of the top technologies like this with Scientific American Magazine. Are these technologies likely to play a big role in society and the economy? Are they capable of making any changes to our traditional practice? At the outset, are they becoming the focus of various laboratories, companies and investors? Will they be able to make significant changes in society over the next few years? Based on these, the list of The best emerging technologies in present era is built.


Much of our civilization is now dependent on plastic. But only less than 15% of plastics are recycled Over the years, it remains unchanged in the soil, which is harmful to the environment. Biodegradable plastic may be the solution. Ideal plastic is made from petrochemical. It is possible to convert wood waste into biodegradable plastic through advanced solvents and enzymes. Biodegradable plastic consists of long chains of polymers. Plastic can be made from corn, sugarcane or even oil-fat; Although relatively weak.

Image Source : European Bioplastics

In any case, there has been remarkable success in the manufacture of plastics from cellulose or lignin. It is possible to overcome the limitations. Cellulose and lignin are also found in many plants that do not provide human food. Examples: Large canals of marginal areas that are unsuitable for grain production or by-products of wastes and grains. So biodegradable plastic can be made from these. In this case, they have to be broken. Already blind people have found their way.

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Lignin does not dissolve most solids. Some environmentally friendly fluids can separate lignin from wood and wood plants. And genetically engineered enzymes can break down lignin. Lignin needs water to become plastic. Price is also a challenge but considering the environment, the use of plastic should be minimized as much as possible. Bioplastic to prevent environmental pollution is undoubtedly commendable.

The Social Robot

Robots are working efficiently in the industry and in medical science. They also help prescribe medications in surgery or at pharmacies. But within the next few years, social robots will become more complex and influential. Robots are a lot more interactive now. They also carry out many urgent tasks. Robots can think like humans with artificial intelligence with cameras and sensors.

Image Source : Interesting Engineering

Several different types of algorithms have been added to it. Through these robots will be able to recognize the tone, tone and feel of the human voice. Verbal and nonverbal can respond to signals. They will also be able to adapt themselves with praise, feedback and criticism. They are not paired with serving older people; Such as: The PARO Therapeutic Robot. They are made specifically for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The head responds when the name is heard; Even crying for him to be adored. The special robot named Mabu takes care of elderly patients, reminds them to take medications and walk. He even gives phone calls to his family members.

Another reason why social robots attract attention is that consumers can also use them as toys. Different social behaviors have been shown in sports before; For example: Hasbro’s Baby Alive or Sonny’s ibo robotic dog. Ibo is now being made more complex and improved, and they now understand gestures. Ibo is also learning new behaviors.

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Miniature lens

Small and flattened metallans can be an alternative to large glass lenses. Computers, cell phones or other electronic devices are becoming smaller in size. However, their optical instruments were not shortened. In fact, it is difficult to make small lenses in the manner of cutting or engraving tradeshows. However, scientists have recently been able to create a small amount of metallurgy. If used, it will be possible to greatly reduce the laboratory equipment, including the microscope. Not only that; There will also be huge changes in the form of consumer products such as cameras or virtual reality headsets. It is also expected to increase the efficiency of optical fibers.

Image Source : Photonics.com

Melatones are also thinner than microns. One micron equals one-tenth of a millionth of a meter. Interestingly, the metallans are so thin that they do not change significantly in size, even when arranged one after the other. It will also serve as a solution to the Metalance spectrum problem. Can prevent the image from becoming blurred. Metalance will ultimately reduce costs significantly. Because they can be made from the semiconductor apparatus.

However, nanoscale instruments are expensive to fit on a centimeter scale chip. They also do not contain such subtle color pictures as the traditional lenses. They are not yet suitable for high-quality photographs. However, in the next few years, matlance will probably play a more effective role. It may be more widely used to determine various diseases, such as endoscopy equipment. Already, it has attracted the attention of companies and various laboratories such as Samsung and Google.

Special Proteins

The protein is generally more abundant in cells. Decades ago, scientists identified a special class of proteins. However, these intrinsically disordered proteins are of a different nature. They can change their shape very quickly. IDPs can assemble many types of molecules for cells to need for such structures. Naturally, when they do not function properly, the disease causes nausea in the body. Researchers have not yet found a way to control or eliminate invalid IDPs. In fact, most drugs target a stable structure. But they are not stable. They also have a role in cancer. Some such disordered proteins are c-Myc, p53 and K-RAS.

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Scientists are conducting various studies to better understand the workings of IDP. At the same time, researchers in France and Japan have shown that it is possible to target variable IDPs. One such medicine is trifluopyrazine, which is used to cure various mental disorders including anxiety, schizophrenia. Many molecules have been reported to work on IDPs. For example, one of the most common causes of Alzheimer’s disease is beta-amyloid. This is an important innovation. This makes it possible to specifically target an IDP during a specific size. It can cure various diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s. Maybe within the next three to five years.

Advanced Fertilizer

It can reduce environmental pollution. As the population grows, the farmers have to fertilize the agricultural land without being forced to supply their food. However, in many cases there is a loss of environment. However, eco-friendly materials are now on hand. Farmers give the land either as potash or nitrogen fertilizer.

Water is essential in both processes. But the nitrogen of these nutrients rarely reaches the plant. In fact, a large part of the atmosphere goes into the greenhouse gas. Phosphorus goes into the reservoir. As a result, the number of algae and other aquatic plants increases. However, if these fertilizers are applied to the soil in a controlled manner, relatively less fertilizer may have a more effective role in the soil.

Image Source : American Environics

Recently, controlledled release of fertilizers is being further enhanced by adding all kinds of complex nutrients. Fertilizers are being adapted for soil. This also has some negative effects. All these fertilizers still contain potash, ammonia or urea. And they play a role in generating greenhouse gases, which in turn stimulate climate change. If nitrogen is produced in an environmentally friendly way to make fertilizer, it can greatly enhance the effectiveness of nitrogen.

By applying fertilizer to the soil in this controlled way, the agricultural land is further improved. This specialized technology requires data analysis, artificial intelligence and many types of sensor systems. They are expensive to install. Nevertheless, they will be very effective in reducing environmental pollution and increasing land yield.

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