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Vikings – Historical Action TV Series Review

The Historical Action Drama Genre Movie, TV Series or whatever anything is my favorite. So if something is on the list, let’s try to watch at that first, even if something better in hand. I finished watching 69 episodes of Vikings TV series in the last 10 days. Naturally, I was left in a daze. I tried to write a short TV series review after watch that and now I feel like a Vikings.

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However, the story begins with Ragnar Lorthbroek, a Viking young farmer in the village of Cathagat. As well as he is a happy family man. His family with a boy and a girl with happiness. Shield Maiden with wife Lagartha. Ragnar is unhappy with their village chief, Earl Haraldson’s various work methods. Because according to the work of the Vikings, every year, in the spring, they strike the eastern side of the sea and plunder their wealth. However, due to repeated looting in the same area, those areas have become as poor as Kathagat.

In this case, Ragnar tells Earl Heraldson to go west, looking for a new land. Where there may be more wealth available. But since no one has ever gone to the west, and being skeptical about whether any land exists in the west, Earl Heraldson does not allow Ragnarrethbrooke.

Some scenes from Vikings TV Series
Some scenes from Vikings TV Series

But Ragnar builds a ship with his familiar boat builder friend Flocky Kay and embarked on a mission to the West, along with his brother Rollo and some friends. From then on, I could watch 69 episodes one by one.

Although the first season’s storyline seems a bit weak in the story buildup, it has backed up remarkably well from the next season. Season 3 I think is the best season ever. Because there was a lot of detailing. There are so many characters to like. After a continuous visit, it seems I am a member of the Viking family.

Movie / TV show lovers of this genre, who haven’t seen the series, can definitely watch. Not bad at all. Because of this is a spoiler free review I didn’t say much, so start watching. Also yes, for your sake I want to let you know that 1st season has 9 episodes, 2nd and 3rd season has 10 episodes each. Season 4 and 5 has 20 episodes each. There are countless 18+ scenes, so watch all at your own risk. Happy Watching.

TV Series: Vikings
Genre: Historical drama, Action-adventure
Created & Written by Michael Hirst
Starring: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Jessalyn Gilsig.
IMDb: 8.6
Rotten tomatoes: 91%
Google: 97%
Released Seasons: 5 (69 episodes)

Images : IMDb

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