Why you should Travel India Once in your Life

Why you should Travel India Once in your Life

India is the largest country in South Asia and the seventh largest country in the world. India has a myriad of spectacular places of nature. India is a country full of verve, energy and contradictions. Many of them travel to the sights of this country, because this country surrounded by the sea, located in the bottom middle of the continent and many places can be traveled at relatively low cost. It is a challenge to visit, but it leaves an indelible mark on your soul. An attempt was made to write a short India Travel Guide with detailed information on popular travel destinations in India.

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Meghalaya is a northeastern state of northeastern India rich in cloud hills and fountains. All the high mountains around, the touch of the cloud when you raise your hand, the numerous fountains that come down the mountain, the rivers of clear water, the beautiful villages like lakes and pictures, Meghalaya is one of nature’s favorite travel lovers with the unspoiled beauty of nature. Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is called eastern Scotland. For low cost and easily visit popular sights of Meghalaya, Shillong, Cherrapunji and Daoki, this is why Meghalaya is one of the favorite places for mountain and shrub lovers.

Meghalaya has many sights. Tourists in Meghalaya mainly prefer the tourist places of Dowki, Shilling and Cherrapunji. Here is information on some of the popular places.

Meghalaya is the state of cloud hills and fountains
Meghalaya is the state of cloud hills and fountains. Image: Unsplash

Maolaong Village and Snongpadong Village: Located 90 km from Shillong, this village has been recognized as one of the cleanest villages in Asia. While not much to see here, houses built on trees and bamboo baskets everywhere, teach a lot about ancient life and the practice of cleaning them. There is a single root bridge 10-15 minutes away. The village of Snongpadong has the Umgot River. It is very difficult to handle the temptation of snorkeling when you know a good swim. Because the way the bottom of the river is seen in green water, it is not bad if you can look closer at the river. On the way down the bridge, you will get a good view of the river and boat taking pictures from the bridge.

Umium Lake: Umiam Lake is located some distance from Shillong. In resemblance to the lakes of Scotland seen in the postcards, the resemblance to this Umayum Lake is found similar.

Elephant Falls: Elephant Falls is one of the famous attractions for tourists in Meghalaya. Named for having an elephant-like stone near the waterfall. Sadly the stone is no longer visible for the earthquake, but the three-phase waterfall does not fail to attract tourists with its own beauty.

Feature Image: Unsplash