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10 facts about the female body : Many women do not know this!

The female body is a wonderful creation of the Creator. The most excellent feature of women is the ability to conceive. But raising another human body in one’s own body is not the only striking aspect of a woman’s body. If you notice, you can understand how wonderful and wonderful features the female body carries. Even many women do not know about this. We have listed about 10 facts that exist in the female body, which will introduce you to some of the amazing facts of the female body. These are strange and startling at the same time and many women do not know this!

Girls can identify more colors than boys: Girls can identify more colors than boys. This is because the color detection ability is associated with the X-chromosome. Boys have one X-chromosome, while females carry two X-chromosomes.

Every woman has one breast larger than the other: no woman has two breasts the same size. This size difference is not noticeable in many cases and may be quite visible. There could be many reasons for this difference. For example, the difference in the size of the breast tissue, or the difference in the elasticity of the skin on the breast. There is nothing to worry about. It is a natural and natural feature.

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During childbirth, the female body grows enormously: All mothers will admit that childbirth is one of the most difficult tasks. In addition to enduring excruciating pain, many other changes go beyond the female body at this time. During childbirth the delivery door turns from a tiny hole into an open door for the baby. Initially it has to be stretched about 10 centimeters to bring the baby out. Then the delivery door expands according to the size of the baby’s head.

Women can tolerate more pain: It is an established fact that women can naturally endure more pain than men. But the source of this endurance is not strength but different ways of working women’s brains. Studies have shown that women and men carry memories of the pain they endured in the past differently. While boys are more anxious and sensitive about the memory of the pain they have suffered, girls quickly forget the pain they have experienced in the past. Also naturally women have 9 times more pain tolerance than men.

Girls are more eloquent than boys: The eloquence of women is well known. There is also a physical explanation for this. The part that controls the language skills of the brain is bigger in girls than in boys. A woman utters an average of 20,000 words per day, which is 13,000 words more than a man!

Women’s muscles are more tolerant: Studies have shown that women can exercise about 75 percent more endurance than men. The hormone estrogen produced in women makes their muscles more tolerant.

Women’s skin is more sensitive: Girls ‘skin is 25 percent thinner than boys’. Which makes their skin more sensitive. However, the downside is that with age, wrinkles appear more on the face of women than on men.

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A woman’s mentality depends on her hormones: Women also change their makeup because of the constant change in hormone levels. At the beginning of menstruation they want to present themselves as beautiful and do a lot of makeup. And 12-24 hours before the start of menstruation, they are in the most irritable mood.

Girls go through puberty twice: during the second menstrual period of adolescence or menopause at the age of 40, girls can use the same type of ejaculation. There are some more symptoms including irregular menstruation during this time due to changes in hormone levels. During this time, women in their forties also behaved like teenagers.

Girls are good at recognizing expressions: From birth, women can understand the expressions of others more than men, understand their emotions and feelings. According to the researchers, girls also have a special ability to remember facial expressions.

Dear reader! We discussed 10 facts about the female body here, and many women do not know this! Which facts of women surprised you the most? Do you have any more information? Let us know your thoughts by commenting. We are together. Stay tuned. Thanks for staying with us.

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