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10 reasons why you should have a tab

Various electronic devices have made our present life easier. An important device among them is the tablet PC which is called tab for short. Many are using it, but many are not. Those who have already used this device know about its many benefits. For those of you who have never used a tab or are thinking of doing so, today’s post is about the benefits of tabs. Now let’s find out 10 reasons why we all want to have a tab.

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Used as a mini computer

Tab is a mini computer. As many types of peripherals as there are in a computer, there are almost all of them in a tab. With a computer you can solve as many tasks as you can with tabs.

Mobile operating systems are commonly used in tablets. However, there are currently many tabs available that use the computer’s operating system, Windows. As a result, working on tablets has increased productivity.

Prices are lower than laptops

Nowadays, although many good laptops are available at low prices, the price of the tab is much lower than that. With a laptop, a user can do all the necessary work, with the tab can be done effortlessly. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. Because, tabs cost less than laptops.

Easy to carry

A big advantage of the tab is that it can be carried whenever you want, wherever you want, by hand or in a bag. The tab cannot be kept in the pocket as it is slightly larger in size than a smartphone. But it can be carried anywhere by hand. And it can be easily left in the top pocket of school, college or varsity bag.

There is nothing better than a tab when you go somewhere. Because, sitting in the car, computer work can be done through tabs. Moreover, when a location map needs to be viewed, it can be enlarged in a tab.

Great for reading e-books

There are many limitations to reading an e-book on a desktop or laptop. For example, if you want to read on the desktop, you have to read sitting on a chair table. This is because the desktop computer cannot be carried in the lap, nor can it be moved as desired. On the other hand, even if the laptop can be carried anywhere, it is very difficult to read an e-book lying down or carrying it on your lap.

But you can read e-books using the tab as you wish. You can download any e-book for free if you want and you can read the tab more beautifully than the smartphone as the screen of the tab is bigger. Even, lying down, sitting down, the pleasure of reading a book on the tab can be found anyway.

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The joy of playing games

There was a time when playing games meant computer games. Nowadays, smartphones have taken the place of playing games. Although smartphones have become a great way to play games these days, there are many games that look better on tabs than smartphones.

Games that have a much larger interface and more functionality have to be played on tabs. Moreover, there are some location-dependent games that have a very large game field that does not fit perfectly on smartphones. Tabs are more acceptable in those games too. Due to the large screen, many people prefer to play games on the tab than the phone.

It’s fun to watch music videos and movies

Due to the small screen size, watching movies on a smartphone is not fun. The bigger the screen, the better it feels to watch a movie. That’s why we usually go to the hall to watch movies. Because, the screen of the hall is the biggest. But it is not always possible to go. Besides, in the age of YouTube, no one wants to go now. Then the way! The way is tab. As the screen of the tab is bigger than the smartphone, the fun of watching music videos increases.

Internet browsing facility

The combination of portability and fast start-up makes the tab great for web browsing. While web browsing on laptops or smartphones has some distinct advantages, tabs have different dimensions.
Being large and heavy, laptops are difficult to carry everywhere at all times. But the tab is quite easy to carry as it is small and light in weight. And anywhere you can connect to the net with tabs and browse perfectly.

Digital notebook

We used to have a pad and a pen in our pockets to take notes on anything we needed. When needed, we would take it out of our pockets and write it on the pad, that is, keep notes. But it was quite an extra hassle. Moreover, the pen was often lost. As a result, I had to borrow a pen from someone while making notes, which was quite annoying.

But with the advent of tabs, we no longer have to carry pens. Without these we can take notes very easily. And these digital notes are going to be stored on computer, mobile, cloud store. As a result, there is no fear of ever losing them.

Use of presentation

No other device seems to offer more convenience than tabs for business or corporate office meetings, or presentations in varsity classes. Any presentation made in PowerPoint can be presented very nicely on the screen of the tab.

Use of tabs in education

The use of tabs is essential to quickly and easily connect with most stakeholders in education, such as students, parents and teachers. Nowadays, students use tabs in almost every class. One of the aspects of digitalization in education is tab or tablet PC.

With the tab, teachers can easily monitor the students. You can easily send the required education materials to the students at any time. At the same time, parents can observe the progress of their children’s education.

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