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110 Ways to Make Money Online – Best Freelance Job Ideas

If you do not understand, how to start your freelancing career? This article has compiled a list of 110 best freelance jobs ideas for you, which can open the door to better make money online by working with one or more types of jobs. 110 ways to Make Money Online and the best Freelance Job ideas for any beginners.

In the job ideas given here, thousands of young people in different countries of the world are constantly changing their destiny with their skills. No matter what you do to your skill, it is possible ways to make money online $ 500 USD per month if you have the combination of discipline, skill and hard work. And, you can do these tasks as full-time or part-time sitting at a laptop or personal computer at home. How many hours you have to work daily is entirely up to you – depending on the nature of the job to make money online.

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Most of the jobs mentioned in this article have been based on traditional job posts in the online marketplace-based workplace. In fact, all kinds of jobs may not be prevalent in all countries – the amount of work may be less prevalent in some countries and more prevalent in some countries.

After a long day of research on the popular freelancing marketplaces in various countries, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Envato Studio and People Per Hour, I made a list of all these jobs. Most of these jobs are posted online, mainly from online job marketplaces. Freelance professionals can establish themselves by utilizing the skills of these jobs.

If you do not see the job list and do not choose your preferred job after seeing your skills.


Article Writer : You can write articles for online magazines, news publishers, business journals, etc.

Blog Writer : You can write a blog for a blog company or develop your own blog writing skills in a way that will make you want to blog. It is important to remember that the skills that are required for magazines and e-books, more skills are required to write for a blog.

eBook Writer : Write a tutorial, user guide and strategic guide and publish it in e-book format. You can start earning by selling this e-book online.

Fiction Writer : Writing short stories, poems and novels is also available for other writers in the online marketplace. Many freelancers earn $ 500 to $ 2000 a month doing this. Of course, income depends on the type of content and the writing colleges.

Web Content Writer : Websites that are going to be created can earn money by writing content for the “About Us”, “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service” pages.

Copywriter : People who can do good online marketing online, print online and print promotion campaigns for different brands – can make good money by writing very good content content for two platforms.

Writing Translator : It is possible to make good money by translating and composing text and documents from one language to another.

Editor : How to make many writing content more beautiful and how to improve writing errors by improving the overall writing of someone – that is, earning the role of editor.

Proofreader : Are you a grammar of a language and have a hand in writing that language? With these types of skills, the job of proofreaders in online magazines can give you the opportunity to earn some extra money at home by freelancing.

Press Release Writer : Relevant (straight-to-the-point) and professional quality news articles for media outlets and press releases can be earned from writing.

Ghost Writer : Writing articles and blogs for other bands or people can open the door to additional income at home.

Legal Writer : Additional income can be arranged for lawyers, judges and other legal aid agencies by writing legal letters and documentary content.

Resume and Cover Letter Writer : Memorization can be passed in the exam; But not everyone can write a resume or cover letter well enough to apply for higher education in a good organization or a job post in a corporate office that can be read by a candidate for primary selection. Doing this kind of work with professionalism can make extra income at home.

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Product Description Writer : The job of being a captivating content writer for online and print media is available about the products and services of different brands, their different activities. This type of job can extract extra income in addition to basic income at home.

Transcription Writer : Listening to audio in English or any other language, the job of converting text to that language can be found on job sites. There are also jobs where you may want to write a text ad for short ads or radio commercials.

Technical Writer : This type of work can be contracted to write a product manual, detailed documentation or technical guides.

Guest Writer : I can start writing reviews about various products and products from different brands and services by getting permission to write on a popular blog using my own blog. There is good demand for such work.

Academic Writing : The practice of facilitating the teaching of students by writing notes on various subjects such as practical papers, assignments, relatively complex subjects of the students of the institute exists in all countries. It is a field of earning Rs. If you can stand your brand of education as a brand, you don’t have to look back.

Graphic Design

Logo Designer : Logo design is a fine and creative work. Those who have the skills to use Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw software, will do well in logo design work and will be able to earn large sums of work at the end of the month. This is the kind of work that will always be in demand.

Photoshop Editor : Image-based creative work of another client where many types of tasks can be accomplished with Photoshop – such as photo editing, resizing, error handling, converting, optimizing, clipping. This is a very challenging job. And needless to say, good earnings can be made from this work.

Website Mockup Designer : Photoshop software is used to design mockups of websites. The demand for such a job, as well as the salary of a good quality designer, is a lot. Those who have the skills to do this will be able to earn a lot of foreign currency from the home market.

Photo Editor : It is possible to earn money by utilizing the professional level skills to reproduce old and colorful images of photos with photoshop by changing the background of the image and retouching the images.

Photo Retouching : Jobs with Photoshop software for retouching and changing aesthetics, enhancements, make-up jobs are one of the top paid jobs in this industry.

Graphic / Poster Designer : Digital and print posters, creating covers for social media, and designers do the same. One of the designers uses Photoshop or Illustrator for this type of work.

Icon Design : Looking for icon designers for various bands or businesses on their website or print media. In addition, there are many world-renowned websites that have a million dollar business just to create and sell icons. In addition, the famous Icon Designer has become famous for creating emoji icon sets for Facebook. Bangladeshi cartoonist “Manik and Ratan” created for Facebook “Play with Drogo”.

Book Cover Designer : This type of job requires digital and print book making, where there is a chance to earn good living at home.

T-Shirt Designer : There is a good market for T-shirts in every country around the world. Do you have good skills in making t-shirts? Then, you can start this task confidentially.

Infographic Designer : Infographic design has good values ​​and needs. It is possible to earn $ 400 to $ 1000 or more a month with good skills in this job.

CAD Designer : There is a demand for the work of drafting architectural design as per the requirements of architecture and architectural engineering institutes. With this type of job, living at home is likely to earn extra income. Just keep your eyes open and work contract.

Vector Designer : Vector design software creates a variety of cartoons and caricatures and there is a good demand for the job provided to print and electronic media.

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Cartoon Artist : Drawing comics and cartoons for various brands, magazines and magazines is a respectable profession, which can be done at home.

Banner / Ad Designer : Digital and print media ad designers like the various billboards, cutouts and website banners are in good demand. These types of jobs are also available from the online marketplace. Hundreds of creative youths from different countries are contributing to the country’s prosperity by earning foreign currency from the profession.

Wedding Album Designer : There is a good demand now for styling pictures of wedding ceremonies and videos for video programs. The remuneration for this kind of work is good too.

Sketch Artist : Many clients and organizations have taken the path of making money by listening to their ideas, drawing pictures or making architectures.

Digital Artist : Photographing portraits, landscapes and beautiful and captivating images of people with digital software.

Vector Illustrator : Illustrations and drawings for websites. Vector Illustrator work is also very valuable now and has a lot of income.

Print Designer : Working with broker, leaflet, business card, etc. with Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw software.

Concept Artist : There is a huge demand for video game and animation. Helping developers of these types of tasks with their concept for their needs and earning artwork according to the concept can be well earned. Those who have this kind of work can move forward with their skills.

Oil Painter : Oil painter is an old art of what is now regarded as a fancy work. It has also survived the disappearance of digital painting, but its value has not diminished. Oil paintings can be found in many art galleries and other professions by selling them online.

Flyer Designer : There is a lot of flyer work in promoting various bands and businesses. With digital software, making flyers can make extra income at home.

Brochure Designer : Designing brochures for different brands and businesses at home.

Web Development

Front-End Designer : The demand for front-end designers across the globe is now on the rise. This front-end designer’s career is all done by creative young people – how to create a website’s opening webpage and all the pages inside it. There is a lot of potential for income from this type of job. All you need is a good skill for this job.

Back-End Developer : After getting a design mockup on a website, the back-end designer started working. These back-end developers make sure the website has all the functionality it needs.

UX / UI Designer : The success of a website depends on how easy it is for users to use this interface. UX / UI Designer ensures this for users. These types of jobs offer good pay.

Plugin Developer : Experts of this profession are required to create plugins for different types of content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

WordPress Expert : WordPress Experts builds a website with a WordPress content management system for the needs of different companies, agencies and single clients.

Web Font Designer : You can make money at home by designing fonts and icons of special designs for websites. These types of jobs are available in various marketplaces.

Server Administrator : Server administrators perform challenging tasks such as configuring various websites and database servers, ensuring their security, installing software as needed, and automating and backups periodically.

Website Builder : Hundreds of young people from different countries are making big money at home by providing various names, hosting and website creation services for different business websites.

App Development

App UI Designer : Designing Interfaces for Mobile Apps. The designers of this sector are also very much valued.

App Developer : Experts of this profession make various mobile apps. The profession is well-respected throughout the world.

Game Developer : Generally, game developers work as a team. Artist is not needed for this job, but for the mock-up of various characters, the artist is needed. And games are usually released for Android and iPhone.


Financial Advisor : Expert advice on what the financial management of different business companies will be like and training officers for the benefit of their work.

Legal Consultant : Working as a consultant to solve the legal problems of various corporate and proprietary businesses, protecting them from various financial campaigns. Experts can be involved in this work with regard to different types of laws of the country concerned.

SEO Consultant : SEO consultant earns a good reputation by ensuring the digital presence of a company’s search results, especially on Google’s search results. The demand for good exports is huge in this regard, and it is a multi-million dollar industry.

Health Advisor : Experts in the medical profession can earn money by providing medical benefits to people through their skills through telephone and web portal.

Parenting Advisor : Being a parent of a child is not as easy as raising them properly. And there are the right parenting advisors to help with this. Extra income can be arranged by advising parents to have a beautiful child.

Fitness Advisor : Extra income can be obtained by suggesting the right dosage and at the same time giving guidance on how to develop a proper exercise habit.

Career Advisor : Helping higher students make the right advice in choosing a career and choosing the right workplace. This kind of work is recognized all over the world. It is also a million dollar industry.

Video Production

Intro Videos : Creating attractive intro videos for promotional activities of different brands and businesses.

Explainer Videos : Making videos about how different products, software or apps work.

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Video Testimonials : Creating videos based on user feedback or reviews about different products where they share their views on the good or bad aspects of the product. There are thousands of such videos on YouTube. It seems that such a job is in great demand, and the addition of money to this job is not the least.

Stop-Motion Videos : Make excellent stop-motion videos using stop-motion technique.

Video Animator : Creating short animated clips on various business products and YouTube videos.

Social Media Video Creator : Creating promotional videos for different brands with the purpose of promoting them on social media platforms.

YouTube Video Editor : Providing video services to those who have opened new channels on YouTube and providing advisory services on how to improve their videos.

Audio Production

Voice-Over Artist : People who have beautiful voices can work as voice-war artists on online / FM radio and in video production houses.

Audio Editor : Helping clients create podcasts and other audio content. This kind of job can be done through flanking.

Audio Translator : There are 6,500 spoken languages ​​worldwide. In the online marketplace, many organizations are searching for such linguistic experts to kill. Generally, medical professionals record the lab’s work description on audio tape, which is then written in another English text format.

Music Composition : Typically, various types of background music, sound effects and jingle work have to be done in various products, promotional videos and entertainment video content.

Record Podcast Ads : There is a demand for attractive ads for different brands of podcasts. Since houses can be built, online marketplaces have the opportunity to earn extra from this kind of work.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistant : Different corporate organizations outsource part of their work. Usually, on-demand meetings, planning different work schedules, help the outside person to remotely perform many such tasks. This kind of work can be seen in the online marketplace. And, making money from these kinds of jobs online at home is not a fashion, but a respectable profession.

Data Entry : No need to re-introduce this task. Many companies in developed countries are outsourced to various Asian countries to digitize their printed / hard paper versions. And, by doing this kind of work, many young people have become self-sufficient by earning foreign currency at home.

Marketing Strategist : Provide professional services for different brands to create effective practices for their online marketing.

Social Media Manager : Creating appropriate pages or channels on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram for different brands of different companies, uploading content at the right time and time and informing followers about products and services.

Live Chat Agent : Working as a live chat agent for different brands on their various websites and social media. Hundreds of young people are working on this task in all countries of the world. There is a great demand for work.

Recruiting Agent : Finding the right types of employees and freelancers to work in different companies.

Customer Support Representative : Inform customers of different companies about different products and services and work on customer support to solve the problem of selling goods.

Zendesk Consultant : Using the Zendesk system to automate customer and support systems for various companies, and to inform them of set-up and procedures.

Project Manager : Working as a project manager for a large company.

Bookkeeper : Accounting for a company’s accounting department’s various financial functions.

Technical Assistant : To solve problems of various types of tactical equipment – computer, fax, photocopier, digital phone exchanges of different companies.


Explainer Video Animation : Creating and animating characters for different types of explorer videos.

3D Model Designer : Creating 3D models with software for furniture, vehicles, products – various such items.


Lead Generator : Using various software such as Magento, WooCommerce, Zendesk etc. to help increase the sales of products of different companies.

Presentation Designer : Design the PowerPoint presentation required for various tasks and create appropriate content related to it.

Online Advertising Expert : Managing Products and Campaigns of Different Companies Using Google AdWords, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads

Social Media Editor : Creating and optimizing content, graphics and posts for social networks.

Email Designer : Creating e-commerce website, promoting and promoting website clicks, writing beautiful and relevant emails, creating email templates and working on email design.

Email Outreach : Planning and supplementing the email outreach campaign to promote a wide range of brands, blogs and publications from different companies.

Traffic Generation : How to bring traffic to a website that has a website but does not have enough traffic to show traffic to people or to bring traffic.

Write Product Reviews : Writing reviews about products from different organizations.

Keyword Research : Researching keywords related to their products and services on different companies’ websites.

PR Submission : Every country needs a good review writer to write reviews on various product launches such as smartphone releases, app releases, movie releases, etc. in various popular blogs and publications. Those who have good writing skills can take the Munciana test on their own for all these tasks.

Market Research : Do detailed research on the target audience of different companies and help them promote their products by researching the information and data available.

Branding Services : Offer attractive taglines, slogans and brand names for a new company or company’s new brand or new product.

Outdoor Advertising : Offer digital, spin board, and other services to communicate with different companies to promote their products.

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Content Strategist : Helping create the right and appropriate content strategy to promote and promote different companies and brands.

Content Marketer : To help determine the appropriate marketing policy for the widespread promotion of the existing content of various companies and businesses.


There are many other ways to make money online. They are listed below.

Freelance Photographer : Working as a freelance photographer for local office events.

YouTube Thumbnail Artist : Designing engaging thumbnails for use on videos from different YouTube channels.

Website Critique : To conduct a thorough audit on various aspects of different websites, such as design, security flaws, etc. and to provide technical assistance to the need and advice on what measures can be taken to prevent such adverse effects.

Data Analyst : Create Excel sheet, graph and dashboard from different companies by taking different types of data from them.

Create Documents : Creating different types of PDF documents through InDesign software and using PDF features to create ebooks can be a good way to earn money from these types of jobs.

Gaming Help : While surprising to hear, there are many hardcore gamers who are trying to build a team or get a boost in the Clash of Clans or League of Legends, but, they can’t; Such gamers spend money but collect them. Those who are proficient in this type of game can contact interested gamers from various gaming’s Facebook groups and websites.

Cooking Lessons : Writing about various cooking techniques or making videos or selling them through the eCommerce website.

Makeup Lessons : Everyone wants to present themselves beautifully, but getting this done properly is not an easy task. Make a video with beautiful make-up neon cushion and sell it through the Ecommerce website.

User Testing : Various software companies have recruited testers or offered remote jobs to test or fix various components of their newly created app, software and website.

Travel Planner : Assigns the responsibility of traveling to various companies through a tour planner for tours of their employers. There are many companies all over the world that offer all kinds of guided tours.

Private Tutor : Finally the job is not about that. In all the countries of the world, this job has become a multi-billionaire industry. Apart from the institutional system of education, the appointment of private tutors is an ancient method for providing appropriate education for the students at home. Those who are talented and teaching techniques have been doing this work for ages. And make money online through this job is a very common method.

Through this writing, 110 ways of make money online in various other ways besides the online marketplace have been discussed so far. There are many other ways to make money online that have not been recorded. Dear Readers, Do you know any ways to make money online that is not written here? You can write in the comment box below. It will be linked to this writing in a later version.

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