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3 Secrets of Success in the Freelance Marketplace

Knowing efficient and good at work but it is difficult for many to get works in the marketplace. Many of you are frustrated to bid on the marketplace like Upwork, PeoplePerHour or Freelancer. If you are thinking ‘why am I not able to work even when I am skilled?’, then you cannot find your mistake. Because there are so many secrets of success to being successful in the freelance marketplace that you have to follow them properly.

Reading the title first, you must have been interested in getting the job done and the secret to being successful and started reading this post. This is because you are anxious for success and you have a desire to succeed. All the secrets I will say here they are actually open secret. You know all these secrets, but don’t know how to be successful using these open secret shells.

First of all, this open secret is for those who are skilled at their job and know how to finish a job from beginning to end. Suppose you are a Responsive Web Designer or a Graphics Product Designer. Now if you can design a responsive website or design a print product from start to finish efficiently, these three secrets to being successful in the marketplace are for you.

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1. Writing Cover Letter / Proposal

The first thing we will talk about is writing a proposal, which is known to us as a cover letter in the marketplace. The first thing we need to do to get work in the marketplace is to write a cover letter. Cover letter or proposal is a kind of application for work. By posting a project or job by buyer in the Marketplace, we write a cover letter and bid to get the job done.

Now the question is, what to write in the cover letter right? or what do you write? or what others do write? and who finally gets the job? Usually, the work we do is to change the same cover letter slightly and bid for another job. In most cases there is what we write in the cover letter, “I know the work, I have done so much more or I have been doing this for so many years, give me a chance I’ll finish the job successfully, or I’ll show you some free work if you need to’ – This is the kind of cover letter we write.

The thing is, writing in a way that doesn’t make it a bad cover letter. Even writing in such way is available to get works in the marketplace. But its only works, when some of your clients has provide good feedback and work experience on your profile. Read the job or project description well and understand what the client really wants.

Now know the secret of writing a proposal:

  1. Read the feedback provided from other freelancers on clients’s profile and if possible find out the name of client. Then start the cover letter like this, ‘Hello John’ if male, ‘Hi Jane’ if female.
  2. In the cover letter, you need to write something that is helpful to client’s business and you can reflect on their work.
  3. Don’t write down what you know works in the cover letter, let clients know how you do it and write what you’ve done before.
  4. Keep sample ready in advance and write a project description for each sample. That is exactly what you did for that project. Now you may ask, ‘If I haven’t worked in the marketplace before, where can I get a sample?’ Use the works as sample or portfolio which you did to practice, to make yourself efficient.
  5. Write in the last line, you want to discuss this job or project with clients and write how you would like to discuss how you can help clients with this job or project.

2. Interview

If you can do the job of writing a cover letter properly, If you bid three or five each, you will be sure to get interview invitations in one. How to be successful in an interview now? Communication skills will bring you success. Secret to succeeding in an interview:

  1. The first prerequisite to being successful in an interview is to respond to clients as quickly as possible. Of course start with, ‘Thank you for getting back to me or Thanks for messaging me’. You can write it or you can write something different yourself.
  2. Prepare before the start of the interview and keep all sample ready. So that you can show up as soon as clients want to see it. Keep everything related to your work in a folder and upload to Dropbox or your own website if possible.
  3. Try to convince clients that you are the best for this project. But that is not in the words but works. Show him your previous samples works.
  4. Now you highlight your work related skills first, then any other skills.
  5. Ask clients technical questions about the job, if you have an idea in your mind about the job, brief it to clients.
  6. If client does not hire you then give him a ‘Good Luck’ greetings and ask can you be get a chance later.

3. Creating Effective Profiles

One of the most important tasks in getting a job in the marketplace is a functional profile. You need to create a well-rounded profile and portfolio, which will make the client trust you and give you the job.

Let’s learn how to create effective profiles in the marketplace:

  1. Use the appropriate titles to the best of your ability, so that you know what the job looks like.
  2. List the tasks you know exactly on the profile. For example, there is a list of your skills at the bottom of the name and title in Upwork.
  3. Write a good overview where the following things are focused: Two lines about you, A brief description of your particular skill set, Three to four lines on how you can contribute to the business growth of the clients. Finish with thanks for reading your overview.
  4. Give the ways to communicate, but don’t give your email, skype or any contact information. Just mention only the way of communication.
  5. Upload sample as a portfolio with descriptions.
  6. Mention where you studied and worked, but do not give false information.

Try it with maximum confidence and efficiency. Never despair, because you do not know how much success awaits you.

Image : Pixabay

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