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6 Easy Ways for Students to Earn Money Online

Are you a student? So this post is for you. If you follow us you can earn some extra income from studying as well as online. In fact, there are currently many different ways of earn money online. Of all of them, today I will show you how in the 6 easy ways for students to earn money online.

My post today is for students only. I know when a student goes to university level through school and college. I was in a state of affairs that most of the school students did not have. She does not have time to earn any income from the family, but the shame of reading it seems very small. That I am a university student while studying at home. My today’s tune is only for those students who can earn some money by studying online as well as working as a student.

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Many people think that online can be income? To those who are still in this question, I tell you, you could not keep up with the present. Because at present, the jobs that can be made online from Bangladesh is unknown to anyone. However, the words are not going to increase the real words. If you are a student or a businessman or an employee. Along with your study business or job, you can earn some time online every day.

Many people are questioning how much money you earn by the words you say. Right, I will put down the amount of money I make in this post just for your inspiration.

I will discuss only those strategies that will allow you to start earning online easily and in a short time. Because there is currently a huge amount of work to earn from online. Since time is short, it is very easy to earn money that I will only discuss those things.

6 Easy Ways for Students to Earn Money Online

You can earn from all of the many things I have added below about how to earn from online. I have tried all of the following options, but the first option I have is blogging. Currently, I am employed as a professional blogger. How much money did I give to you? I will give this post below for inspiration only. Before that we did not discuss how we can make an income from it.


One of the simplest and best ways of earning money online is to make income by blogging. All you need to do is blogging income: your own website, and affiliate link or Google Adsense to earn money. If you want to earn by blogging, you can see this link. Here is a detailed discussion of how you can earn from blogging online.

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Currently, many children from Bangladesh are earning millions every month from YouTube. There is no doubt that if you are on YouTube, you can definitely succeed on YouTube. Income from YouTube is very easy compared to other marketplaces, but now you have to spend a lot of time to get Adsense monetization or Google Adsense ads show after you update YouTube.

Because you must follow the rules that this group has to follow in order to earn from YouTube. If you are blogging, then you will not have any rules, if there are 5 to 10 visitors to your blog, then Google Adsense Ads will show on your website. But on YouTube, you must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the means of earning from online, those who have searched Google for various needs online at different times. If you want to earn from affiliate marketing online, you must own a website. And you have to sell any of Amazon Affiliate Marketing’s products or products on that website that you own and after the sale you will be given some commission from that Amazon affiliate company.


In the Internet age, commerce is one of the main means of earning online. E-commerce is what we mean by online shopping. If you shop online, it is definitely a must buy from any website and that website honors your product. Likewise if you want to own an e-commerce website or an e-commerce business.

Then you must have a website and you have to reach the customer in charge of all the products you sell. You have to act according to what products the customers order from the website. For this you need to get the customer’s trust. For e-commerce websites, you can use digital product.


Now you are working but do not invest then the marketplace for you. There are currently plenty of online marketplaces where you can make money by working but I will not discuss all of them. I will discuss two popular marketplaces: upwork and freelancer. If you want to work at Upwork, you must do one of these things. For example, if you are a graphics designer you can do graphics work. Likewise,

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  • Article Writing
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Android app
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO

You can work on it. You need to be very versatile in any one of these. Communicating with people from different countries should know good English for communication.


Then comes the freelancer. Freelancer is an Internet based outsourcing company. Here, many people hire freelancers and hire them. Freelancer Upwork is an outsourcing marketplace.

How much money do I earn?

And I almost forgot how much money I wanted to give at the end of this post. Yes I log in online by the end of 2012. And do an account in different marketplaces and work in different marketplaces. And I’ve worked on various ad networks. Currently I have a blog / website I now use my websites to earn money from Google AdSense. Currently my monthly income from Google Adsense 4 Digits. I did not say how much is best. You will get the account when you earn it.

How much time each day has to work?

If you want to earn from online then if you say how much time you have to spend every day is a minus point for you. Because you are thinking of the first time you work. When I first started working online and started blogging, I would first spend 8 to 10 hours a day. At that time, the income was 8 to 10 hours a week. Now think about how much time you need or how much time you can work on.

That is to say, there is no time to rest so you have to spend so much time. You will get results according to the time you spend studying and the kind of mess you do. You work i’m with you If needed, you can comment below the comment box.

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