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7 facts to check before buying a second hand mobile

Today’s article, we will tell you all the 7 important facts you need to check before buying a second hand mobile phone. There are many times when we do not have money to buy a new mobile. And, to complete our attraction to mobile, we decide to buy a second hand phone. As such, there is nothing wrong with buying an old mobile phone. However, if you don’t pay attention to some urgent issues before buying a second hand phone, then of course, you are going to buy a bad old mobile with more money. Also, the most important thing is that if you buy an old mobile phone without proper verification, in many cases you are likely to be in danger. So, if you are also thinking of buying an old mobile, then here are 7 facts on what to check before buying a second hand mobile.

What are the 7 facts to check before buying a second hand mobile?

Below I will tell you about each of the important points that must be considered when buying an old mobile. It is important for you to know these mobile buying tips or guides very well. Because now there are many who will try to deceive you in the name of selling old mobile. So let’s go, don’t know what to look for when buying an old mobile or how to verify a second hand mobile.

Look at the stolen mobile

In many cases it has been observed that stolen mobiles are sold in the name of selling old mobiles. And if you are really being sold a stolen mobile, then you are most likely to be in danger. When buying a second hand old mobile, we don’t think it is necessary to look at the cash memo of that mobile. And this is where we make the biggest mistake. As a result of not seeing the cash memo, there is no evidence that the old mobile phone we bought was stolen or that the person was hoping to sell it. As a result, if the mobile phone is stolen in the future, the police will consider you as the thief of that mobile phone. So, for a normal mobile you may face deadly big dangers.

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When buying any second hand mobile, look at the hard copy or soft copy of the original bill of that mobile and keep it with you. You have to keep an eye on the IMEI number of the mobile. The IMEI number that is written in the original cash memo (bill) of the mobile, the IMEI number must be in the mobile. You can check the IMEI number of any mobile by typing * # 06 #. Then, match the IMEI number of the mobile with the IMEI number in the cash memo. Remember, the IMEI number of the mobile and the IMEI number written between the cash memo given at the time of buying the mobile must be one. If the IMEI number is different in both cases, then the mobile has a 90% chance of being a stolen mobile. In this case, don’t forget to buy that old mobile phone.

Look at the fake mobile

At present, the business of selling old mobiles is being done in large quantities. And, there are some individuals or organizations who are working to sell fake mobile phones. The same type of fake mobile is sold in the market to look like any original mobile. Many times, the cover / case on the outside of the mobile but with the original company, the fake / other mobile part is kept inside. In this case, it is very difficult to distinguish between real and fake by looking at those fake mobiles with the naked eye. Nowadays when it comes to buying second hand phones, we communicate with people through the internet online. In this case, if you can’t recognize the real mobile in one look, then, even if you understand later, it will not be possible to find the person who sold the mobile.

So, there are some things to keep in mind while buying an old mobile. See the original model name of the mobile with mobile settings etc. In particular, check the hardware configuration of the mobile such as RAM, ROM, Processor, etc. With the help of the Internet you can match the hardware configurations of the mobile model. Go to mobile settings menu and click on about phone tab. In this way, you will be able to know all the basic information like model number, model name, CPU, RAM etc. of that mobile. * # 06 # Dial from your mobile and it will show you the IMEI number of your mobile. Copy any one IMEI number and go to “imei.info” website and check by typing your copied IMEI number in the IMEI box. In this way, you can know the original model name and brand name of your mobile.

Check with mobile battery

It often happens that the mobile looks like it is in great condition from the outside. Hey, you will be given an original brand of mobile. But there will be problems with mobile batteries that we don’t pay much attention to. If there is a problem with the battery of the mobile, you will not be able to understand it immediately.

However, after some time of use, the battery problem stays in your eye. So, when buying an old mobile, take some time to use that mobile, play games, listen to music or watch videos. Be sure to check where the face is without believing. If there is a problem with the battery in the mobile, then it must be in your eyes.

Are the mobile ports working?

If you are thinking of buying a used mobile phone, then you have to look at the different ports and accessories of the mobile while buying the mobile. See if the mobile headphone / headphone port, charger / charging port etc. is working. In the case of new mobiles, they will definitely be good. However, warrenty is certainly a problem. But, if there is a problem with these ports or accessories on the old phone, then you have to spend money to make them better again. SIM card tray and memory card tray are often used in the case of used & second hand mobiles. So, before buying a mobile, you must check all those things.

No need to pay more

Remember, in the case of used mobiles, you will be tried for more money. However, you should try to buy that old mobile with as little money as possible. You are about to buy an old phone because you cannot afford a new one. So, if you are going to buy an old used phone with more money, then what is your profit. Remember, when a mobile model is launched in the market, the price of that mobile model is higher.

But, after a few days or months, the price of that model starts to go down. So there is a possibility that the person who will sell you the mobile will tell you the price depending on the launch price of the mobile. In that case, you can check the current market price of the mobile through the internet. And, when it comes to buying a new one, set the price by looking at the price of that mobile. My advice is, if you want to buy a new mobile, you buy that old mobile with 35% to 45% of the current market price. What percentage you pay depends on how old the mobile is.

Is there damage in the mobile?

The mobile is not a stolen mobile and if all the batteries, ports, etc. of the mobile are OK, then in the next step, you have to check the physical condition of the mobile. Many times, in the excitement of buying a mobile, we do not look at the physical parts / body of the mobile well. As a result, we go home and see new things. So, when buying a mobile, you have to take a good look at each parts and the whole body. Remember, this is a second hand mobile phone and the person who has used the mobile before may read the mobile from his hand or there may be some scratch. If there is a cover in the mobile, then open that cover and check the front and back of the mobile.

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Mobile cellular network

Many times, even if everything is correct in the mobile, there is a problem with the cellular network connection. The mobile will definitely look good from the outside, however, when you insert the SIM at home, if the whole network does not stick or the network does not come at all, then you will think that there is a problem with the cellular network hardware of the mobile. And many sell mobile phones at much lower prices because of these problems. As a result, when buying a mobile phone, the buyer thinks that I am getting the mobile phone much less, so he buys the mobile phone without checking these things. So, when you go to buy a mobile, you must check the network connection of the mobile by inserting the SIM card.

See other urgent matters

Above I have told you about the things you need to check when buying a used old mobile. However, in addition to the points mentioned above, there are some other general issues that you need to look at. Since the mobile is old, take a good look at the display. See how much internal memory is empty. If the internal memory of the mobile is full, then of course you can’t install anything new on the mobile. Check the cameras on the mobile. Check if each camera (front / selfie) is working well and whether the camera quality is good. But you must see how long it takes to charge the phone.

So friends, today we have learned about some of the points that are very important to look at when buying a second hand mobile. With less money in hand, buying an old mobile is more important for us than a new one. But, if after buying a second hand phone it becomes a bad fence in various cases, then what is the benefit. So, whether you are buying a mobile from a known or unknown person, buy an old mobile keeping in mind the important tips given above. If you like today’s article, “7 facts to check before buying a second hand mobile”, then you must share the article. If you have any questions or suggestions related to our article, please let us know in the comments below.

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