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10 Best Chrome Browser Extensions you need to know how to use

We all know about the Internet Explorer browser that comes with Windows, but Google Chrome and Firefox are the most widely used ones in the browser world. Google Chrome is the most popular and most used browser among the 3 browsers. Various companies around the world develop browser extensions to enhance the functionality and functionality of the Chrome browser. Each of the extensions offers a variety of benefits. Through this post we will highlight 10 Best Chrome Browser Extensions for readers that we may not know about, but they may work well for some of us.

Print Limitator

In addition to the content of the website, there are sidebar, advertisement etc. When you want to print a webpage using Google Chrome, these unwanted items also come out in print, which naturally doesn’t look good. And to solve this problem you can use this Google Chrome extension called Print Limitator.

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To use this extension, just clicking and hovering over the things you do not want before printing will disappear from the print version.

You can start using the Print Limitator extension to print any webpage you want, including additional sidebars, ads, share icons.


This Rescroller is basically an extension to customize the scroll bar that is next to the browser. By using it the size of the scrollbar can be reduced, the color of the scrollbar can be changed. In the case of smaller displays, the size of the scrollbar can be increased by using this extension, which will make it easier to use the browser on smaller monitors. this is one of the best Chrome Browser Extensions.

Also by changing the color of the scrollbar, the task can be done to make the scrollbar attractive. Again you can disable the custom scroller for the site you want, by blacklisting the sites. By using this extension for a 4K display, the scrollbar can be more contrasted. Also, scrollbar background color, style, scrollbar button, rounded corner can be customized.

Fontface Ninja

This extension will tell you about the different fonts used on the website. The mouse pointer simply shows the font used when you hover over any text on the website. And not only that, the font will be downloadable or paid. There will also be a link to the download or font website.

Those who are basically web designers can certainly use this extension. Once you click this extension button on the browser, it will be activated.

Wolfram Alfa

This is a great extension. In addition to extensions, Wolfram Alfa is a popular web service. It is also known as a web based Knowledge Engine. There is extensive information available on more than half the various subjects including mathematics solutions, physics, chemistry, astronomy, web computers. You can understand this by visiting the website of Wolfram Alfa.

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By the way, Wolfarm Alfa’s Google Chrome extension will be a great help for information on your various issues. Just click on the icon of this extension in the browser, then search for the topic you want to know about, will bring you a lot of information available about Wolfram Alfa. For example, if you enter Orange Nutrition, it will highlight all the nutrients contained in orange.

New Tab Draft

This is a very common, but very useful, Chrome extension. As a result, opening any new tab will turn it into a normal notepad. This allows you to enter some of the required text in that new tab of the browser. Any text can be easily saved from the computer in txt format (ctrl + s). Again, small maths, such as: 5 + 5, 6/3, will be instantaneously answered.

Password Alert

It’s a security extension made by Google. If you go to signup or register elsewhere using the password used in your Google account, this extension will notify you that this password has been used in your Google account. But it will only alert you. You can also ignore the Password Alert extension if you want.

Show Password

It is also a password related extension. There are many websites, which do not show the password directly when entering the password, hiding it with the root dot or star. You can use this special Show Password extension for those sites. If you find that you have mistyped the password many times, do not write it again, just look at the Simply password with this extension and fix it.


This extension is great for web developers. By clicking on the extension icon on any website, it will show what technology has been used inside the website. Examples: themes, content management systems, programming languages, wizards, frameworks, etc. Advertising will also show which services are being used for the affiliate.

Clipboard History

This extension will have a history save of what you have copied over the past few days. You can set tracking as month, week, hour and so on. So if you need to copy multiple text at once, you can use this extension too. All this information can be saved to the cloud using a Google account.

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This is a website monitoring extension. If you crop and set a specific section of any website, this extension will notify you via email as soon as the change is noticeable.

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