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Home Tech Story Blue light from Smartphones causing Blindness

Blue light from Smartphones causing Blindness

Regular use of other devices, including laptops, starting from everyday used mobile phones can cause major damage to the eyes. The blue light emitted from such devices, in particular, can cause serious harm to users. The researchers made such comments. Blue light from Smartphones can harmful to your eyes and its may causing blindness.

According to a study by the University of Toledo in the United States, the amount of blue light dispersed from different devices (eg mobile phones, laptops, tablets) is quite harmful to the eye. Researchers also comment that such a device can be blinded if the device is too close to the eye. It is also reported that one in every seven people has started having such eye problems.

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Head of the research team and Dr. of the University of Toledo. Ajit Karunarathan said, “We experimented with the blue light emitted from the device. Our test revealed that this light may be damaged if the eye is too close to the eye.

Researchers have urged not to use devices like smartphones and laptops in the dark to avoid such problems. According to them, blue light is not as harmful in daylight, but it is harmful to the eyes when there is no light at night and only these devices have light. And if someone continuously uses these devices at night, he / she may lose the eyesight.

The research team published the entire issue in a journal. It noted that there was an increasing tendency for 16-24 year olds to start using smartphones. It is also noted that the average users spend 34.3 hours per week on the internet.

References: The Telegraph

Mobile Apps that are Harmful to Mobile

Typically, apps are open to users in the Play Store or App Store. Since most of the apps are free, many users use different types of apps on mobile phones. However, not all apps are useful. But Mobile Apps that are harmful to mobile.

Some malicious apps that are hidden in the Google Play Store. Despite the efforts of Google, these apps have taken place in the Google Play Store in different ways. A security firm recently reported that several malicious apps have been listed on the official Google Play Store. Many of these apps are hidden as a mobile banking virus. These apps are active on the mobile as well as data capture.

Researchers at security agencies such as Symantec and Check Point, antivirus-based organizations, have warned users about hidden malware in the Google Play Store. According to them, such applications usually hide in device boosters, cleaners, battery managers and even horoscope-themed applications. In addition to these malicious apps may be present in games, education or cryptocurrency applications.

Some of the applications force the customer to install their app. They work when a user enters the Play Store. Again there are some apps that seem to be useful but harm the smartphone. Learn about some such apps and delete them from your smartphone now:

Master Cleaner : Many people use Master Cleaner to keep the smartphone up to speed. It has also gained popularity among users. But the app can cause a lot of damage to the smartphone. It’s better not to put it on a smartphone.

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Coloring Books for Kids : With the welfare of smartphones, nowadays, children are learning to color their phones. But installing these apps will greatly damage the battery of smartphones.

Personal Horoscope : Many people use the app to watch Horoscope every day. But it slows down the smartphone a lot.

Calling Free Calls and Messages to Animal Country : There are various types of apps available in the Play Store for calling phones in different countries using the Internet. These slow down the smartphone.

App-Lock Privacy Protector : There is a tendency among many to use these apps to increase phone privacy. But they can cause a lot of damage to the smartphone’s RAM.

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