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Before Buying a 4K TV you should know

What does 4K TV really mean? Nothing can be estimated from a simple 4K sticker on the TV. There are many who are in the confusion of the 4K TV term. Again, many believe that more expensive things are better, so many people do not understand, spend huge money to buy 4K TV. So, before buying a 4K TV you should know some specific information.

What it means 4K

If you are streaming video online, you will find that there are different types of video resolutions available. Various resolutions like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p etc can be set while playing YouTube video. These resolutions are 480p or 720p, which actually represses the number of pixels in the video. 480p video has 858 x 480 pixels and 720 pixel video has 1280 x 720 pixels, just like full HD resolution or 1080 pixel video has 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Now your question may arise, does high numbers really matter? Yes the value is, the more pixels the video, the more detail will be possible on the video. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality. So of course you have understood by now, this 4K means another resolution, is it? If 480 pixel video has 480 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixel video has 1080 horizontal pixels, then 4K TV will have 4000 pixels, right? In fact, the matter is not so simple.

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Before Buying a 4K TV

4K TV performs best when video resolution is also 4K. You can play 4K TVs at 1080 pixels or lower resolution, but having 4K TVs doesn’t help. Take a simple example – is there any benefit to buying a double-sized bed sheet than your bed? The sheet should be folded in half. 4K content is currently being created and fortunately online streaming services such as Netflix offer 4K content. But it remains to be seen whether you use online streaming services or not.

If your internet speed is not good then 4K content can not be streamed. As much as 720 pixels or 1080 pixels of content is available, 4K is not yet available. With 4K content to store enough disk space, which can be another inconvenience. If most of your favorite videos are available in 4K or spend extra monthly if you subscribe to online streaming service + fast internet, then you can buy 4K TV, which will have real benefits. But if you buy a 4K TV and only use cable operator’s line and watch cable TV or local dish channel, then there is no reason to buy 4K TV. You can also use Full HD TV or just HD TV. Since the price of 4K TV is much higher.

If you do not currently have a 4K TV, no problem, you may not need to fill the necessity of it in 3-4 years. The demand for 4K TVs will increase gradually in the days ahead, especially when the price is too low, but you can buy. But if you want to change your viewing experience immediately, you can buy 4K TV now, as well as if you have 4K content available. By upgrading to a 4K TV it is possible to get better quality viewing experience, but it is not necessary to upgrade now. Went to buy a new TV in the market and the salesman tried to catch 4K, and you bought it, so that loss could be yours.

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Before Buying a 4K TV you should know

What does 4K TV really mean? Nothing can be estimated from a simple 4K sticker on the TV. There are many who...

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