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Is Content Writing a Good Career?

Online profession as a profession is an established sector. There are some elite professions among online professionals. Content writer professional Elite classes are taken. They are in the front row in terms of income. So we can say Content Writing is an alluring profession. The biggest thing is, You do not have to spend long time to learning content writing. Rather, you can learn it in a short time. So in this article we will discuss content writing can be a good career?

Content writers are one of the popular reasons, content is needed for almost all types of work on the web. Blogging or Affiliate go to whatever, content is required for you. So the demand for content writers in the freelance or outsourcing sector is huge. So, the importance of the content goes without saying. If you cannot write good quality content, then Content Writer must be hired. There is no alternative.

If you are a web developer, you still need content. Suppose you sell a template or theme, In various marketplaces (eg. Themeforest). You need to write about the theme. You need content when it comes to marketing the theme. In order to do SEO you need sufficient good enough content. In fact, in each case, the need for content writers is also a bit higher than other areas. However, you must qualify for professional quality. Otherwise, you cannot survive in this profession. You have to be qualified even though competition is low in this sector. If you can be a Professional Content Writer with quality, Lack of work and trouble building a career should not be a problem.

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If you started working as a content writer, There are several potential areas for you to shake off. Here are some of the discussions:


Blogging is the most discussed profession in the online world right now. Honorable and respectful. Through blogging it is possible to change your whole life. It is also possible to influence the society through this profession. Also it goes without saying that bloggers are capable of earning well. In short, blogging is a way of expressing your opinion through a website. This is why you need to publish content regularly. This content will attract visitors to your site or blog.

If you publish a lot of content regularly, you will get a lot of visitors. However, the content must be good and unique. Good content is what mainly brings visitors. Many visitors can actually earn from your blog with various ad programs. The most popular ad program is Google Adsense. It’s basically an ad campaign by Google. After getting approval from Google, you can display the ad on the blog. When it’s $100, you can withdraw it.

Let’s make an estimate. If you publish one content per day, there are 90 content in 3 months. If this 90 content is visitor and SEO friendly, then they are able to bring 1000+ visitors to your blog a day. If 10% of 1000 visitors enter the ad displayed on your site, then you will get 100 ad click. If you get a minimum of $0.10 per click, then you will get $10 per day. Now 10 dollars a day is 300 dollar a month. If there are 2000 visitors, the income will be double. If you can work 2 years in a row, your earning figure will stand up to good income.

Market Places

Many people are making good money based only from market place work. Based on this, many entrepreneurs and companies have developed around the world. Popular marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Peopleperhour etc. Many of these marketplaces have developed careers as content writers. There are a few people I know who make up to $30 – $50 an hour at Upwork. If you can spend a year teaching content writing. Then hopefully, you can start with a minimum of $10 per hour. If you write 2 content a day, your income is $20 a day. Demand will increase as skills and experience increase. Also your earnings will increase. If you can still earn this amount after 2 years, that’s fine.

Job Facilities

The number of freelance-outsourcing companies in the world is increasing. Lack of enough skilled people in companies. You can also work in those companies if you wish. Content Writers are paid very well in these organizations. Hope you get enough pay according to your skills. By using this skill you can go far. As the experience increases, your demand will increase all around. As well as your income graph.


Affiliate Marketing

Who doesn’t know about affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing in short means promoting the sale of third-party products. That’s why you need to create a website. Then promote the company’s products. Then write the content on the product. This content will feature product information in the online world And it will sell third-party products. You will receive a portion of this sale as a commission.

You can build a career in affiliate marketing with the most popular affiliate site Amazon. Amazon pays a commission of 4-5%. Suppose you have a web site on hand clock. On average, each watch is worth $80. You sell 5 hand clocks a day. Then $400 a day hand clock was sold. That means selling for $12000 a month and its 5% is $600. This is just one example. The thing is, affiliate marketers hire content writers if they can’t write content. Your opportunity is there. You can work with a team of marketers. Or as a freelancer you can write them down. In that case you need to know how to write a product review. Must have proficiency in writing sales pages and promotional content.

Below are the names of the top 10 affiliate programs:

  1. ShareASale
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Clickbank
  4. ImpactRadius
  5. Partnerstack
  6. Refersion marketplace
  7. Awin
  8. Avangate
  9. Rakuten
  10. Amazon Affiliate Program

There will be a detailed discussion about these websites or organizations later. How can you start working on them and how will they pay you. Although many topics are discussed at the outset, I hope to discuss more specific topics up front. If you want to build a career in content writing, start now. And the right guideline is a must.

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