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Facebook imitated Pinterest this time : Hobbi App

Facebook has opened an app that mimics Pinterest, known as the Virtual Bulletin Board. Facebook says that the app, which shares the photo of Hobbi, will allow users to create and manage imagery such as cooking, baking, arts and crafts, fitness or home décor. The app made from the Facebook product category has been released without the App Store. But there have been complaints that Facebook imitated Pinterest this time, new app Hobbi similar to Pinterest.

Technology website TechCrunch says the app, aimed at the elite, offers the opportunity to organize new projects by managing pictures of various projects. However, it did not have the option of sharing as a means of social media. However, after the project is finished, there are advantages to making a video.

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Earlier, a number of apps outside of Facebook’s core app came from the team testing the new Facebook product. These include mim-making app whales, social networking app bumps, music dj app aux, and more. But no app was successful.

The Hobbi app is being launched in Colombia, Belgium, Spain and Ukraine, according to the technology website The Information. For starters, it has been adapted to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the iOS platform. The Hobbi app has not yet been clarified on how it will work with Facebook. Facebook has shut down apps that have not been successful before. Even in the case of Hobbi, that fear cannot be quenched.

According to data from the Censor Tower, a search engine is a threat to Facebook, apps like Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. In the meantime, Facebook has been accused of duplicating such apps directly or duplicating various features.

Last year Pinterest authorities announced that their number of users had exceeded 30 million. Meanwhile, the number of Facebook users has exceeded 2500 million.

Delete these 24 Malware-infested Android apps

People who use Android phones should be careful when downloading the app. Malware or malicious programs can now be infiltrated into a smartphone by disguising many popular apps. If these programs are enabled on the smartphone, it secretly traps the activity information of the phone. Android phone users may be the victim of spying. Cyber ​​security experts have suggested removing some of the apps downloaded from Google Play Store faster.

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VPN Pro has been warned by VPN Pro about 24 malicious Android apps. These apps have already been downloaded 380.2 million times. Google has already removed these apps for allegedly removing information from mobile phones. But having these apps on a smartphone can mean danger. These apps include camera and battery apps, various apps for holding essential information, pictures, videos.

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