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Fast Charger Good or Bad for Android Battery Life?

Now many phones are offered with a fast or fast charger in the box. Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and even Apple also offer faster chargers. Now many people question, how durable is the phone battery to use with a fast charger? Fast charger good or bad for Android battery life? The technology website Senate talked to battery researchers and engineers about the issue.

Researchers say lithium ion rechargeable batteries are used on most mobile phones and personal electronics devices. Battery charge is still difficult to maintain for a long time as battery technology has not changed much in decades. However, the improvement has come about after the addition of several energy-efficient features. Charging and discharging is handled efficiently through the software.

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Researchers say the current charger output is 5 to 10 watts. Up to 8 times faster on a fast charger. For example, the 18 watt fast charger used on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models, the Galaxy Note 10 and the 25 watt charger on the Note 10 Plus. Samsung separately sells a 45 watt charger for $ 50. If there is no technical error in the battery or charger electronics, then there is no loss of battery in the long run for the use of a fast charger.

Fast charging battery works in two steps. The first step causes the voltage to explode on an empty or almost empty battery. It charges 50 to 70 percent in the first 10 to 30 minutes. The first charge battery can absorb the charge quickly without any negative impact.

Samsung claims that their 45-watt charger charges 70 percent in half an hour. Apple claims their chargers can charge up to 50 percent in 30 minutes. The second step of the charge is to start charging slowly on the battery. At this time, there is a charger system, if you do not charge slowly, the battery may be damaged.

Arthur Shi, a specialist at technology site Iftix, says, “Compare batteries with sponges. When you absorb water from a dry sponge, it can absorb a lot of water in the beginning. This is the first step when it comes to batteries. If everything goes right, the battery is not damaged. The battery management system monitors two steps. ‘

Smartphone users are often worried about paying extra for smartphones. Many people think that battery life will be reduced if the charger is placed on the phone for a long time. In addition, many fear the battery may overheat and catch fire. However, experts say that modern smartphones have built-in battery management system in such a way that when the battery is 100% charged, the charge goes off. It does not have the opportunity to be extra charged.

Venkat Srinivas, a battery researcher at the Oregon National Laboratory, said that modern phones cannot be charged overtime even if there is a problem with the battery circuit. Modern smartphones now have a built-in system for extra charging.

However, many experts say that 80% of smartphones are charging around or around. This reduces the pressure on smartphones. They think the battery will last longer if the smartphone keeps charging cycle regularly. The researchers also banned the battery from being completely charged. The chemical reaction can reduce the battery life. The battery management system has several safety features, which can prevent the battery from being completely charged. Charges should be made if the battery charge falls below 30 percent.

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Remember, the biggest enemy of smartphone batteries is the extra temperature. Smartphone battery starts to decline at higher temperatures. So it’s not okay to put a smartphone directly in the sun. In many cases, the phone blasts occur in excessive heat. When the temperature is above 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the battery starts to decline. So the internal temperature of the phone does not increase, so be careful. Keep the phone in the sun or on the dashboard, even with a towel covered or beside a water bottle.
Fake or fake chargers, without the use of cables, there is no harm in using any cable or charger other than your smartphone. However, the charger and cable provided with your device are the safest to use.

Typically, smartphone users have to accept tasks such as minimizing the brightness of a smartphone to keep battery charge high, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and blocking the use of background data from settings.

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