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Federal Bureau of Investigation – How The FBI Operates

Almost everyone who knows Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Quantico’ TV series has seen the series. But many do not know about its nomenclature. Quantico, a city in the state of Virginia, is home to the famous FBI Academy. Let’s know today the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), how the FBI operates and how they conduct unimaginable operations.

Federal Bureau of Investigation – The briefing of the FBI, the central intelligence agency of the United States, consists of twenty-one weeks of training. Situated on an area of ​​approximately 385 acres in the Woodland area, the Academy’s main computer lab is also located here.

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In 1908 the Bureau of Investigation or BOI began its journey. The FBI was renamed in 1953. Faithfulness, courage and purity – all three of whose work. Its purpose and purpose is to eliminate crime and criminals altogether. Although the FBI was initially intended for use in the international arena, the FBI’s activities became much more American-centric when the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency was born during World War II. The FBI focuses on monitoring the law and order situation in the United States.

The first assignment of this organization was against the Illegal Prostitution. John Edgar Hoover was the FBI’s longest-serving director. He joined the organization in 1924 and in 1935 was elected a director. He then held this post for thirty-seven years, ending his death in 1972 and his career with the FBI. Hoover served under six different US presidents, among them rulers such as Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon! It was through his hands that the FBI laboratory was born in the FBI laboratory.

Prior to World War II, the FBI was the epitome of terrorism in America for terrorists. Criminals such as John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Kate May Barker, Alvin Creepy Karpis, George Machine Gun Kelly were either arrested, otherwise they died at the encounter with FBI agents. At that time, the FBI had broken the intoxication of the Ku Klux Klan.

The FBI foiled several sabotage attacks in the United States in the forties and seventies, and several Nazi Espionage agents were arrested. The agents of this organization, who successfully served in World War II, also had a commendable role in protecting the internal security of the United States. The FBI’s actions were praised for the murder of John F. Kennedy, and it was ruled that the FEBI would be used to conduct investigations into challenging operations or cases for the State Police.

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Militants attacked Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, in which case the FBI was tasked with protecting the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics. The company used SWAT for service.

The FBI fired nearly 300 agents during 1980-90, alleging involvement in criminal activity outside the country. In the last decade of the last century, the scope of work has increased greatly. The FBI is in charge of handling the bombings in the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City. Agent Leonard William Hutton, an agent of the FBI, was killed in September 11 after a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in the name of suppressing terrorists. With the FBI’s ability to question the issue of national security, the organization was reversed.

In 2001, former FBI agent Robert Philip Hansen was arrested on charges of spying on Russia. Hansen, who has been selling information to Russian intelligence since 1979, came out in the FBI’s departmental investigation. Even Hansen was suspected to have been behind the Nine-Eleven attack. The next year, he was sentenced to life in federal court.

However, the FBI was criticized for stinging operations in the United States. Here, terrorists or criminal agents trapped criminals, and even counterfeit ammunition was supplied to attack. In 2012, the FBI supplied a Moroccan Muslim youth named Amina al-Khalifi with fake suicide bombers and clothes (suicide vest). The plan was that the caliphate would later indiscriminately shoot and kill people.

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In 2009, four Black Muslim youth were arrested for plotting to bomb two synagogues in the Riverdale area of ​​New York. The FBI provided money and fake explosives to assist them in the attack. Kazi Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, a 21-year-old Bangladeshi youth, was arrested in New York City for bombing the Federal Reserve building. That was part of the FBI’s sting operation.

The FBI’s procedures are far more sophisticated, and the agency is divided into six sections. One team is looking at cybercrime, somebody is handling the technology part, National Security and Intelligence Branch are different, there is also Human Resource Branch. And the director, who oversees everything, responds directly to the US president. Field agents began their career as apprentice agents, who took part in direct operations, with one or more officers in charge of the Special Agent in Charge. On top of this, one can hold the post of Director, beginning with the management positions, starting from the Deputy Assistant Director and passing the eight steps. But the director of the FBI is often the president’s confidant.

In 2010, the FBI’s budget was $ 7.9 billion, of which $ 618 million was spent on counter terrorism, cybercrime activities, training programs, and so on. It is said that the intelligence agency of the US-based intelligence agency also has news reports about a landowner from the country’s president. Who knows how true this is, but the FBI’s importance in protecting America’s security and sovereignty is immense.

Feature Image: FBI Facebook

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