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Google Stadia – Era of Cloud Gaming

You don’t need to high-configured gaming computer or gaming laptop to play your favorite open world games. There will be no need to buy hardware at high prices. Just open a browser, select a game, press the play button and within a few minutes the game will start playing on your PC or Laptop. It does not require downloading or installing a large gaming files. Google announces their new cloud gaming service to keep gamers on dream. Its like begin a era of Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia make this dream come true.

According to their announcement, any game can be played in 60 frames per second (fps) with only Chrome browser in 4K resolution and it will not take more than 5 seconds for the games to start. At the last GDC (Game Developers Conference) conference, Google announced their new game streaming service called ‘Google Stadia’. Google is taking the complexity of playing big games through Google Stadia. The latest version of games will run on their server at very high resolution and frame rate. This project has long been known as ‘Project Stream’. Users will be able to play the game on their desktop, laptop or even smartphone.

Google Stadia - Era of Cloud Gaming
Google Stadia – Begin a era of Cloud Gaming. Image: Forbes

It’s going to be ‘Netflix’ in the gaming industry. It’s basically a cloud gaming service but from game development to online hosting, reaching out to the user, and simultaneously promoting it all will come together on one platform. Google Stadia will make a big difference in the video game industry.

Like Netflix, Stadia will offer its users a library from where they can start playing the game of their choice. No need to download or install games, just need google chrome browser and a high-speed internet connection. The game can be played from the Google Stadia homepage or video link of a specific game on YouTube.

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Google has set a minimum internet connection condition, Users internet connection must have at least 15 Mbps speed and maximum 40 millisecond latency time etc. Running a game on a Chrome browser will make it look like a gaming computer across the screen. Google Stadia will start with 4K resolution at 60 frames per second (fps), and later on 8K resolution will be extended up to 120 frames per second. So high resolution and framerate far surpasses the standard of ordinary PC gaming.

According to Google, the graphic chip of Google Stadia has a capacity of 10.7 teraflops power, which means it can handle 10.7 trillion operations a second. The PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox One X’s processing capabilities are 4.2 and 6 teraflops respectively. That is Google Stadia has more processing capabilities than the combined capabilities of these two consoles.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Games. Image: USgamer
Types of Games

UBSoft has already released their ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ game at Stadia. The game was also displayed in the Stadia at the announcement. Also include Trials Rising, Skull & Bones and Anno. The science fiction horror shooter game ‘Doom Eternal’ will be a big name in their library upon the release of Stadia. Although Google has not yet said what games will be in the Stadia. But it is understood what they are capable of offering what games.

The Stadia platform is also giving players the chance to invite each other to their games. This service will open a new door for gaming content creators on YouTube. Play games from the stadia and broadcast on YouTube can be at the same time. That means a video signal of a 4K resolution can be sent simultaneously to YouTube and the user’s device.

Doom Eternal Games
Doom Eternal Games. Image: Geek
Multiplayer Gaming

Lag is a big obstacle to playing online multiplayer games with streaming services. Many times the gamers have to endure the irony of not getting output as well cause of the server is not fast enough. This problem should be overcome if Stadia is to catch the eye of gamers as a multiplayer gaming platform. Google’s first step in this regard is the Stadia controller. It will connect directly to the Google server via Wi-Fi without being connected to the gamer’s device. In this way the speed of the input output will increase slightly.

Live Streaming

Google has also unveiled a new stadia feature called ‘Cloud Play’. This feature will allow fans to play online with their favorite YouTube content creators. If a streamer is broadcasting a game on YouTube, viewers can then start the game with the streamer with just a button press. YouTube will become a platform for viewing and playing games simultaneously.

Google Assistant

Each Stadia gamepad has a ‘Google Assistant’ button. Gamers can enjoy the special features of games with this button. Google will also advise gamers through its voice assistant if they are stuck at a difficult level within the game. Google say, their future online games will be played on Google’s servers without any hack or cheat software.

Google has begun a new era for gamers with Google Stadia. But how long Google has dominated this era is not yet known. Already two of the biggest names in console gaming, Microsoft and Sony have teamed up to create their own cloud gaming service. So we can say, cloud gaming will become the future of the gaming world.

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