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How to Become an SEO Expert: Learn SEO Online

The topic of my article today – How to Become an SEO Expert? Read the full blog article for details. I will focus on a topic that – many people may think is a little less likely to be the butt precisely. SEO Expert is really a hard work skill! There is nothing to be said about those who can do Practical SEO, because they are successful in SEO. People who can only think or who do not know at all. I will try to talk about how they can be an SEO expert.

Those who can SEO in mind – they have either taken SEO course from any organization or have not read YouTube video or video tutorial or article about SEO. And think you’re an expert on SEO. Watch out – when a driver learns of driving for 2/3 months. If he does not practice dribbling after learning diving, he is not a good driver or he will forget what he once learned. And if there is practice then he will become known as a very good driver.

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SEO is just like that. You don’t have to know the system just by watching the article + video. The systems have to be converted to work. And those who practice this workout will one day prove themselves as SEO experts. When you think that SEO – Butt can’t work. Then you have to remember that you have not yet learned SEO.

Speak with your mind – We are not as keen on getting work, our skill but not at that level. And so we do not get work. I did a lot of roles so you can understand. Let’s get into the real words now –

How to Become an SEO Expert

First of all I’m assuming you don’t know SEO. Well, I’m just saying – SEO is a system that follows your system to bring your website to the first page of Google search engine. In addition to Google search engine, there are many other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Now I’m assuming you know SEO maybe long ago. If you know the SEO tips of 2012/13/14, but in 2020 you will not be able to rank the website with that previous knowledge. Everything is updated, your knowledge needs to be kept up to date. SEO is a matter of practice. Someday you will be learning to sleep, and suddenly you will feel sleepy and fall to work now, I know how to work. But that won’t happen. You also have to learn the updated knowledge and practice it. SEO is divided into three parts:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO: SEO is a system that complies with Google’s rules, called White Hat SEO.

Gray Hat SEO: The system that is used to comply with some of Google’s guidelines and is not called SEO is called Gray Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO is a system that is practiced by SEO in compliance with Google’s rules.

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Fundamentally SEO can be divided back into two. In that case, the division would be:

  • Paid SEO
  • Organic SEO.

We will not discuss paid SEO. Because paid SEO is – you pay Google dollars to rank your web site on the first page of Google, Google will put your site on the first page. As much work as organic SEO. Organic SEO is again divided into two ways:

  • On-page SEO.
  • Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO: The work you do after your website is ready, that is, the work done to rank your website in Google, is called on-page SEO. For example – uploading new content to your website, increasing the site’s loading speed, fine-tuning the site’s Url and more.

Off-page SEO: The work done from outside your site. They are tucked away in the pages of SEO. Some of these are – getting your site linked up with another site related to your site, posting about your site on various social media, etc.

If you want to be a good quality SEO expert, the things I have said above must be done properly and prove yourself as an expert. Doing the above tasks is not a matter of two days, you have to spend a lot of time here, spend money on necessity and have the mindset to analyze. Only then will you be able to succumb. But the positive thing is, if you do the above work you can prove yourself as a good SEO expert. Then you will have no problem getting work and no job.

Whether you know it or not – a good SEO expert’s monthly salary ranges from 1000 usd to 20/30 thousand usd. Therefore, I tell you, you become an expert in SEO, you will no longer be lacking in work. Well, it has come a long way to speak and I have talked a lot. This time we go back to the previous topic – how do you become an SEO expert?

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The best suggestion I can give you is to read a lot of good quality blogs. I know we watch more of the video now or try to learn everything in the video, because everything is easier to understand in the video. So my suggestion for you is – read a lot of articles or blogs. For those who want to learn SEO, I ask that you read the articles on the following sites. You guys will read the article below. Can learn a lot. The site names are –

I know if this article was read by 2000 people, then 10% of people would google the above sites and for the best 5-10 these sites would scour the articles. And the people who will do these jobs will be ruled by SEO Indra in the future. And I want you to become one of those people.

Now the more important point is, you read a lot of articles + watched a lot of videos. Butt did not practice the work, then nothing was flamed. If you do not practice, you will suffer two losses – (1) You cannot catch mistakes in what you have learned. (2) You just learned to practice the bat change if you don’t practice right away.

The other loss will be a big loss, when you go to a work area and a client will ask you what you have been doing so long. But then you cannot say that you have read such articles, watched such videos. But you have to say, then, I researched this keyword and ranked it in the first page of Google. And this will prove to be a successful SEO extension for you.

I’ve talked a lot about how to Become an SEO Expert. Now if I could summarize the whole article, I would say:

  • System 1: Lots of Blog Reading + Viewing Tutorials.
  • System 2: Practicing a site until you can rank the site on Google’s first page.

But the work must be done on both of these systems. And nothing to do. If you really want to prove yourself in the world of SEO, then you will be doing the work of my article. I believe that if you can get things done right, you can one day rule this industry as an SEO expert.

So far this day. Talk about another article. If you like, share it with your friends. If you have any questions, please comment!

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