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Home Tech Story Huawei App Gallery moving forward with 55000 Apps & 1.3M Developers

Huawei App Gallery moving forward with 55000 Apps & 1.3M Developers

Huawei, a technology company, is constantly working to build a secure and secure ecosystem worldwide. As part of this, the company has added more than 55,000 apps to its own App Gallery. They are working with 1.3 million developers and 3,000 engineers to improve the ecosystem. Huawei App Gallery is now moving forward with 55000 Apps & 1.3M Developers.

Recently, the Huawei Developer Day Online Summit featured a number of updates to the ecosystem, including many updates to its own app gallery. There are also various initiatives to increase the distribution of apps.

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Wang Yanmin, president of Huawei Consumer Business’s Global Partnership and Eco-Development, says, “The core of the smartphone usage experience is the app or the app. The app marketplace has been playing a very important role in this era of fives. According to a study conducted on the existing App Marketplace, consumers are now most concerned about the privacy and security of using the app. With various developers around the world, Huawei can help build such a safe and secure ecosystem, benefiting both consumers and developers worldwide. ‘

Huawei authorities say the number of developers registered for their mobile services (HMS) has now been increased to 1.3 million. This will increase the number of app selections in their App Gallery. In addition, Huawei has employed 3,000 engineers in their ecosystem engineering. The number of core kits of HMS including map kits, machine learning kits, scan kits, account kits, payment kits is now 24. In addition, this HMS Core will help customers engage with over 55,000 apps in the App Gallery. Now Huawei App Gallery become 3rd biggest apps marketplace and moving forward with 55000 App & 1.3 Million Developers.

Huawei says developers around the world are joining the HMS ecosystem and opening their applications to the App Gallery. This will give customers worldwide a better experience.

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Huawei’s another folded smartphone

Huawei is bringing another foldable smartphone. The ‘Mate XS’ model smartphone has a bad news for its customers, there is no Google app on the phone. And for this, the smartphone is not as important to the buyers of countries other than China.

This smartphone is similar to Huawei’s previous foldable phone Mate X. The phone screen will be 6.6 inches when folded and 8 inch fold will be opened. The battery is almost the same, meaning four and a half milliamperes. However, the Mate XS has 5G technology.

There are also some exceptions. The phone uses the Huawei modern processor Kirin 990 chipset. In addition, polyamide has been provided so that the screen does not get scratched.

The smartphone has a 16-megapixel wide-angle sensor, an 8-megapixel telephoto sensor and a three-dimensional depth camera with a 40-megapixel main camera on the back. If the phone folds, the selfie can be done with the rear camera, so there is no selfie camera.

However, the price of Huawei’s new foldable phone is a bit higher than the Mate X. The Mate XS will be available with up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal memory. It will cost around $ 2,700.

Feature Image: Huawei Central

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