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Inhuman Research: Some Inhuman Experiments in Medical Science

Science always works to solve humanity. Continuing these studies, the medical science of today has come so far. In the past thousands of people would have died without treatment because of no antidote to the epidemic. Research has found ways to eradicate these diseases. As a result, people are now recovering from a very difficult disease, where all the achievements are in the medical field. But beyond these contributions, medical science has been conducting research on some of the issues that were found to be inhumane tags after being made public. Some may have been subjected to such inhumanity due to war, some have become guinea pigs for new research. Both things are terribly terrifying, because such inhumane activities cannot be accepted simply for the sake of seeing results. Today’s writing will explain some of the inhumane tests and the consequences of them. Inhuman Research – Some Inhuman experiments in medical science.

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Three Identical Stranger

In 1960-70, a group of psychologists conducted a secret experiment / inhuman research to find out the results of the process of raising children. They separated the newly born twins and the thirties and adopted them into different families. Children grow up in different families. Everything seemed to be going well, but the troubles were when the threesomes found each other in 1980! They marveled at each other, wondering how two people in two families could look alike! Even more surprises awaited before them. At one point in the conversation, they decide to uncover the truth. Then comes out the mystery of seeing them the same, the children of the same mother! They were separated for 20 years from birth only for one study.

The people of the family reunite with themselves, but inside they find resentment, hatred and frustration. One of the three brothers, Edward Galland, committed suicide in 1995 after failing to accept the pain of separation. The inhuman research on children went public and became the headline of the news. The study was led by pediatric psychiatrists Peter Neubauer and Viola Bernard. They defended, saying, “The purpose of the study was to observe how differently-abled children develop their own personality.”

But the question for everyone is, how can you keep the children of one family separate from one another? It is nothing but inhumanity. That may not be the subject of some research. It is reported that the National Mental Health Institute of America contributed to this study. But they claimed that they had not been informed about any such research even though they were funded. Details of the study have been stored at the Yale University of America, which prohibits opening files before 2066.

Disgust of Nazi camps

The study of people at a concentration camp in Germany is probably the most shocking study in the history of the world. The time is 1940, when the German forces in World War II are inaccessible. People were being brought to concentration camps on a regular basis. Joseph Mengela, a prisoner with a captive, made a terrible plan. He said he would be conducting tests on prisoners to find out the consequences of infectious diseases and the use of chemical weapons.

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Then began a new journey of inhumanity / inhuman research. Most of the people on whom Mengela tested were Jewish. Romani, Sinti, Polish and handicapped German citizens were also selected. Medical torture was started on them, resulting in countless deaths in the first phase. Many of the survivors lose their senses, lose some or certain body parts. Some detainees were kept in extremely low temperatures and low pressure environments, which was intended to test whether German troops could survive in such conditions.

After the war, Mengela and his assistants were put on trial for this inhumane study, but Joseph Mengela escaped to South America by chance. This study is the most controversial because the children were not immune to the abuses like women and men were used to here! Mangela collected the limbs of many dead people for later use.

Monster Study

In 1939 a speech pathologist at the University of Iowa in America conducted a study on 22 orphan children, the subject of the study being ‘Speech Therapy’. One group of children who have no speech problems are practiced to continue normal conversation, and the rest are practiced to calm down. Although the babies taught to be born are inherently normal, they were unable to speak at a time without pause. In later life, children who learned to bathe could no longer be normal. All of them have devoted themselves to social activities and have been targeted in life.

In this way, what is known as ‘Monster Study’ is the test of how many healthy children are tested. But Wendell Johnson, head of the secret inhuman research, however, claims that the purpose of this study was to show the obstacles a child faces in the social context. Such children lag behind in their emotions, feelings, and self-esteem from other normal children.

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No matter what the researchers explain, there is virtually no moral basis to such an experiment. The University of Iowa officially regretted the research conducted on orphan children last 2001. But the results of the study save the University of Iowa, as there has never been a larger study on ‘social status of broken children’ before.

Experiments on slaves

James Marion Sims is the father of modern gynecology, with his hands raised to a new horizon of surgery. He introduced the idea of ​​new surgery in the treatment of fistula, which many women became familiar with during the birth of a medical term. He also invented several surgical instruments, including the Sims Speculum, the Sims Sigmoid Catheter. But Marion’s contribution to what makes her so special is so heartbreaking, a kind of inhuman research.

When Marion was a surgeon, the use of anesthesia in the operation of the operation was new. It is used so that a patient can relieve pain during the operation. But Marion still couldn’t get used to these things. So he continued to have surgery without anesthesia. And he always chose African slaves to perform fistula operations. In fact, although this process is extremely painful, Marion claims in a speech in 1857 that the pain created during the fistula operation was minimal! Which is why he is against the use of anesthesia, although most people do not accept his statement.

There is nothing easier for a surgeon to conduct research than for African slaves. How justified is it to apply to African women without verifying a new method? The answer was given by Duranda Ozhanuga, a professor of social work at the University of Alabama. In the 1993 Journal of Medical Ethics, he wrote, “With the opportunity of slavery, Sims resorted to intriguing research that could not be treated by any standards.”

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Stanford Prison Experiment

In 1971, a group of psychologists at Stanford University thought that they would observe how a good person responds in a hostile environment. Professor Philip Zimbardo, who was leading the team, according to him was persuaded by a group of college educators to take part in a fun exam. Where there is a fake prison and students will play the role of officer and prisoner in two parts.

In the first place, the enthusiasm that went into the game with a lot of enthusiasm did not go away for a while. Because the officers who were assigned to the prisoner began to carry out physical, mental torture on those acting in prison. However, they were given considerable freedom to do so. And those who were being tortured broke down mentally and found themselves in a tight spot, even though they were in no real prison! On the other hand, the kind of officer who played the role of an officer to torture them was brought to an end.

Although the study was scheduled to last two weeks, the researchers were forced to resign on their own work for only five days. But these days were enough to get their inhuman research results. This study indicates how a group of good people change their behavior in different situations. Although such studies were conducted on college students, they were emotionally broken and took a long time to regain their normal state.

Feature Image: DW

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