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Home Tech Story Is Excessive Video Games play making us Extremists?

Is Excessive Video Games play making us Extremists?

Video games are one of the main ways of entertaining the younger generation. With the development of technology, the market for games has changed drastically. The video game industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Within a short time, the industry has grown tremendously. Over time the graphics of the game have improved. That’s why gamers are increasingly addicted to playing video games. So the question remains, Is Excessive Video Games play making us Extremists?

Now without the computer, mobile phones now play better quality games. Moreover, more and more new game play devices are being marketed on a regular basis. Thus, the business of video games is now quite gathering. Different game makers can make billions of business with one game. Online games have arrived after the fast Internet became available. It is as if this business has added a new dimension. Video games that were just part of a retirement for the younger generation have now become addictive.

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Video games and terrorist acts

How do video games and terrorist activities correlate? It is natural to come to such questions. But government figures from different countries have directly attributed the video game to various acts of terrorism. A few days ago, US President Donald Trump called on video game makers to blame for the high school massacre. Apart from him, many other political figures agreed. According to them, video games play a significant role in motivating a stray youth.

Many people involved in the massacre have also acknowledged the involvement of video games with their terrorist activities. In 2011, a middle-aged man by the name of Andreas Breivik carried out a massacre alone in his native Norway. He killed a total of 77 people using bombs and guns. This guy mentioned a first person shooting game called ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ as part of his training.

The notorious Andres Breivik, who killed 77 people. Image: document.dk

Not long ago, a massacre in the city of El Paso in the Texas state of the United States caused widespread media outrage. A gunman killed 22 people at a Walmart store and injured 24 more. The 21-year-old gunman is named Patrick Wood Crucius. In his statement to the FBI, he also mentioned the Call of Duty game. President Donald Trump made his statement, primarily focusing on the Texas incident.

Call of Duty is essentially a first-person shooting game franchise. This is a new installment of the game that is popular with gamers every year. True military training, combat tactics, etc. have been very thoroughly implemented in this game. Also contains all the information about all types of guns. Without any kind of military training, a gamer can find out how many rifles, submachine songs, various pistol magazines have. This kind of game also gives a good idea of ​​what a gun is special about. Due to the high quality graphics and realistic gameplay, many genociders approach such shooting games.

The research has been going on for almost two years

For those who regularly play video games, such a complaint may seem ridiculous and baseless. It’s normal to be However, various studies have been conducted at various times to determine whether such crimes are actually linked to video games.

Pubg & Call of duty
Various online multiplayer video games

In 2015, the American Psychological Association conducted a study on whether there was a link between video games and terrorism. In their research report, they noted that giving a lot of time to video games that have ammunition and gunfire greatly changes a person’s normal behavior.

Negative aspects of aggressive behavior, lack of empathy and tolerance, antisociality, etc. can be a result of playing additional games. However, there are many researchers who have strongly criticized the report. Many have complained that this study contains a lot of erroneous data and many important findings have been published here without proper review.

In 2018, 77 volunteers participated in a similar study conducted by some German researchers. The researchers divided these 77 into three groups. The first team is allowed to play the Grand Theft Auto Five game for at least two hours every day. A second team is allowed to play a simple and no-ammunition game called Sims. And no games are offered to third parties. Researchers measure different aspects of behavior, such as levels of violence, aggression, anxiety, and anxiety among these three groups. But no significant change was noticed between the three groups.

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Dartmouth College of America reviewed the results of about 24 studies, involving approximately 17000 adolescents. The result that they find from their search is that video games are triggering aggressive behavior among young people. These symptoms are more commonly seen in boys who are not a little antisocial in their way of life.

Excessive video game play can lead to negative behavior in a person for a short period of time. However, directly associating terrorism with it becomes quite exaggerated. This is what many psychologists and researchers say.

“I fully acknowledge that the violence in video games has some short-term effects and it’s foolish to deny,” said Mark Coulson, a psychology professor at UK Middlesex University. However, the long-term consequences of this will be a real murder. There is no compelling evidence behind this.

It is ridiculous to simply blame a video game for playing a criminal’s terrorist act. Research has been underway for almost two decades on whether these two things are connected. However, there has never really been any compelling evidence. In fact, it is more important to review how the perpetrators of genocide have grown up in the family environment and society.

Video games are a secondary issue here. Playing games for a long time may be a bit rude. That doesn’t mean he’ll go out and commit any crime. People of all ages play games. And the statistics of terrorism that are being harmed with this, in fact, are extremely poor.

That should not be avoided

It’s not that video games have any negative effects either. Mobile phones now play good quality games. If you have a fast internet connection, there are many different types of online games. Basically such games have no end. We can easily become addicted to these interesting games. Especially the boys now spend hours after hours behind these games.

It has the distinct pleasure of being able to participate in many games together. Recently there has been so much debate over some Battle Royal games, such as Pabji, Fortnite, etc. that the government of different countries is banning these games in their country. These games are one of the reasons behind wasting valuable time for students.

The current video game market is huge. Companies are marketing interesting games every year. Parents must be aware of an issue. And whether all the games in the market are suitable for her child’s play. There is an age-based rating system for young children who do not become extremists when playing video games.

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Pan European Gaming Information (PEGI) is a system that is rated according to the age of the game for consumers in Europe. The most popular game such as Grand Theft Auto Five rating is Peggy 18+. That is, the content of this game is not suitable for gamers under the age of 18. But in our country we often see schoolchildren playing such games. For adults, games that contain sexism, various deformities, and sight issues will have a negative effect on young children.

Like any other entertainment, video games are also a fun medium. Apart from school-going students, adults also enjoy playing leisure games. But playing this game is just stupid to cover up terrorist activities. The main problem is that entertainment can become addictive at any time. Just as being heavily involved in games affects our behavior, our daily lives become random. We have to look into this matter.

Feature Image: Pixabay

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