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Make Money Online Blogging – 5 Tips to get visitors

Are you looking to start a blog? You want to make money online blogging? Everyone wants make money in a safest way. Blogging is not an easy task, but if you can do good blogging you will be able to earn huge money. If you have good skills in content writing, you can run a blog with popular CMS WordPress, no need programming skills. In this article, we’ll show you and share some tips how to get enough visitors to your blog and make money online with online blogging.

If you can good at content writing or can review a product very well, you should come to blogging sector. You have to select a topic of your blog, you always write about that topic in your blog. You can write about something when you know this topic very well. For this, you need to keep a little in mind when determining the topic of the blog, as you are well aware of the topic you are planning to create a blog on.

How to be a Successful Blogger
How to be a Successful Blogger. Image : Pixabay

How to be a Successful Blogger

Suppose you see that technology is a very good blog to write about, because everyone has great interest in technology. So if you are writing about this topic then you will get a lot of visitors. You have spent a few bucks to create a blog. now you have a blog, it is very beautiful, there is no such thing to like. Now the job is to post some article on the site.

But you see that you do not know much about the technology, then how do you write something for others on your blog. So when creating a blog, you must keep in mind your ability. You also know what you don’t know. What you can write very neatly, determine the topic of your blog. If you think I know nothing, what should I do? If I can not earn from the blog site? or can I never write in any subject? If you think so, I’ll tell you, yes you can.

Get experience and write something new

But that’s why you have to follow some rules. For this, set some keywords on the topic of which about you want to create your blog site. Then search on Google with those keywords. You will find some good and great blog sites, where many experienced people have written many articles on those blogs. You will read these articles very carefully. Then once you have a rough idea on those things, you will try to write your article better than all of those articles.

Only then will you be able to write and publish many well-respected articles (articles) on your blog, utilizing their experience and the wisdom you present. Everyone will love the articles you write. You must remember, your blog must try to give something so that everyone can learn something new from you. So that your articles are very well organized and try to give the details of what you write. This is how you will become a good blogger.

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How to get visitors to the blog

Visitors are the life of a website or blog. One of the biggest challenges of a site is to bring a visitor to that site. Most blog admins are disappointed to come here, because they are unable to bring visitors to their blog after many attempts. Then they think that it is impossible to bring visitors to the blog. Because visitors need to be aware of your blog, that your blog has actually quality content, that anyone can really learn from. Doing so is a very difficult task, unless you know the right way. It is not your fault, as well as your visitors. Because most people may not know about your site. As a result no one enters your site.

So your first task is to inform a lot of people about your site, that your site has these things that can really benefit for them. Most of the new blog admins count as a difficult task. But it will be much easier if you follow a few rules. And those are the rules I will tell you now. I hope if you follow those rules, Then you will soon be able to win the hearts of your visitors and bring a lot of visitors to your blog in a very short time. I have write here 5 tips / ways to get visitors to your blog or website.

Sharing via Social Media
Social Media. Image : Pixabay
1. Sharing via Social Media

Share every article in your blog on your various social media profiles. I hope you know very well how many users are currently on social media sites. All the people around you and all your friends are connected to social media sites. So if you share your article with all your friends on all these social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) then you will get a lot of visitors from here.

If they like your writing by entering your blog, then you have nothing to worry about because they will regularly access your site from now on to read your article. For this, you must write quality articles so that your friends are interested in learning something from your article. This way you can get lots of visits from different social media websites for your blog. So as much as you can share your articles on your social media websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Image : Pixabay
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make your blog a Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will allow your blog to be very well understood by various search engines and they will display your site on the top of their search results as much as possible. SEO is a job that your site needs to optimize so that any search engine can easily understand your site, where your site is, what articles you write, how useful it is to visitors, and how informative your blog is.

Knowing those things to the search engine, when a visitor goes to the search engine and writes a keyword related to one of your blog content, they will show your site on top of that search result, that making the visitor more likely to enter your site and your blog. When they enter the blog site, you got visitors as well.

This way you can get lots of visits to your blog. For this, you must gain knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and apply them regularly. Then you will continue to get results after a while. Although it is a very time consuming and patient thing. Even if you can work accurately the success rate is 100%.

3. Forum Posting

You can post and comments on various popular forum sites and give a link of your blog site below that post. So that some visitors of that forum may also become regular visitors to your blog and it is tested. If you are regularly associated with many popular forum sites, then through this forum post you will get lots of visits to your blog.

For this you have to find some of the best forum sites and then open an account by registering in your own name. Then you will see that many people have questioned their unknowns issues. If you have knowledge on that topic then you can answer that person’s question and at the end of that answer you can provide the link to your blog. This way you will get many visitors regularly.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing can be another way to bring website visitors. Video sharing by posting Nish related videos on websites and sharing the link to the blog site in decryption. From that video, your blog site visitor can be increased by sending the visitor to video sharing websites. Some popular video sharing websites are Youtube, Vimeo, Ustream, Vine, Hulu etc.

5. Sharing Links with Other Blogs

Suppose your blog has medium visitors and there is another blog like yours that has medium visitors. But that blog publishes an article on another topic, which is different from the article on your blog.

Then you can contact the admin of that blog and share the link of your blog to his blog and link to his blog on your blog. However, two blogs are on two things, so it should not be harmful to anyone but rather to benefit. This approach is well-tested and many blog admins may contact you. However, if you can deal with a few blogs like this, then you can bring a lot of visitors to your blog this way.

How to earn from a Blog

Your blog site has been created, you posted content regularly, many shares and with the optimization of SEO, your blog now enters many visitor daily. Suppose you publish 30-50 articles on your site and enter about 1000 visitors every day to read those articles. Now the question may arise how to earn money from the blog? how can make money with online blogging? and why or who will give you the money?

Many of the newcomers think that many people can earn money from the internet, but they can not find a way to earn money by creating their own blog site. In fact, there is no money available on the Internet. There are certain ways that can be earned from blogging. Then where does the money come from and who gives it the money?

Then I tell you, these money is paid by different advertising companies. They promote their advertising by promoting their company or products in your blog, in return for which they give you money. As a result, you can understand whether they give you money or buy or pay for profit. So the more visitors enter your site, the more people will see that ad and the more products are sold, the more you will be paid by that advertising company. Now let’s talk about some earning tips to make money Online blogging.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a promote product of the various Online Marketplace that you promote on your blog, you will receive a certain amount of commission when sold. There are many other online shops including Amazon, Ebey and many others who pay for Affiliate Marketing. Moreover, if you search on Google you will find at least 50 good quality Affiliate Marketing marketplaces. There is a lot of income from these marketplaces if you can better organize your blog accordingly, get visitors and sell their products.

2. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is a service of search engine giant Google. This allows Google to display ads on bloggers blogs and pay bloggers in return. This is the biggest and most widely used method of make money from online blogging. Adsense money depends on the visitor of the blog. If you have a lot of visitors, you can make good income otherwise you will not be able to. Google will display ads on your site, such as links to other websites. Now if a visitor of your blog clicks on that link and goes to the advertiser’s website, you will get paid.

3. Sell Digital Products

In addition to Affiliate and AdSense ads, other people’s products can be published and sold on your blog. If you have a desire for a stream income, you can sell a digital products. Some of the most popular digital products are:

  • eBooks
  • Online courses/workshops
  • Images, video, or music people can use in their own content
  • Apps, WordPress themes or Plugins

One thing to keep in mind, you need to sell affiliate or digital product on the site which is useful to your site visitors. Also, your site visitors should be interested. As I said before, visitors are the lifeblood of your blog site. So there is no such thing as losing visitors. Many bloggers make mistakes about this. But if the visitor needs to display the product in proportion, then your blog will be income and the visitors will remain intact on your blog.

Also I have an article about 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online Blogging. Hope you read it and understand all the ways of earning from Blogging.

You can also contact your local company. Nowadays, the trend of advertising online from local newspaper is increasing. In addition, when your blog becomes very popular, you can earn money by promoting different sites or YouTube channels. There are more ways to earn money. In a word, if you can populate your site that way, you will not have to run behind the money, but money will run behind you. So without thinking of money first, it is better to keep in mind that make your blog bigger.

Images : Pixabay

I'm a designer, blogger & marketer. Since 2012 I have been involved in the world of technology. The blog is essentially about technological story and I have the intention of being involved.



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