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Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress Blog

A blog website can be a source of income throughout your life. If you can set up a blog website with a little difficulty, you can earn a good amount of money every month from there. Which many are already doing successfully. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a WordPress blog and some legitimate ways to Make Money Online with Blogging.

Are you looking to start a blog? Want to become a blogger? You want to make money online blogging? Everyone wants make money in a safest way. Running a blog website is not an easy task and it is a very complicated task to get it done on a regular basis. But now starting a blog is way easier than you think, If you have good skills in content writing, you can run a blog with no programming skills.

If you have a little trouble at the beginning and write a good article regularly, it is possible to earn up to thousand dollars per month from your blog.

If you wish you can work on your blog ‍as part time or full time on any basis. You can even spend your leisure time writing on your blog. The better you remember, the more time you spend on your blog, the more likely you are to succeed. So today I will tell you how to create a blog-site and how to run it successfully. How to bring many visitors to that blog and how to earn from your blog, I will tell you everything A to Z today.

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Why you want ot join the blogging community?

You are new to the blogging community? All the big bloggers were new at one time. But once everyone gets to hard work, they are established. Many bloggers, who started a few years ago, have become great bloggers today by applying their talents and skills in blogging. So you’ve just started blogging, haven’t you? So let’s see why you’re going to start blogging-

  • Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. There are literally millions of blogs online.
  • Blogging is a amazing way to express yourself.
  • What are the alternatives to writing freely and spreading your knowledge?
  • The best reason? You can make money doing it!
We learn and know from this article:
  • What is a Blog?
  • What you need to create a Blog Website
  • How to Create a WordPress Blog
  • How to be a Successful Blogger
  • How to earn from a Blog

What is a Blog?

You can compare the blog to your diary. Just like you write in your diary when you have a leisure time, writing a blog on a server-based website online that extends to the entire intranet. The only difference between your diary and blog. Your blog articles will be accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world through the Internet only and the articles in your diary can be seen by no one but you.

However, writing a diary does not cost you anything but a paper-made diary which costs very little. But writing a blog requires you to pay some expenses. To create a blog that requires Domain name, Hosting server, Blog theme and more. Although some Domain servers offers domain and hosting for free, but freebies are not as durable.

What you need to create a Blog Website

1. Domain Name:

The domain name is the name of your site as MyTechnoStory.com is a domain name and the end part (.com) here is called domain. There are many different types of domains, such as (.net, .edu, .org, .mobi, .bd, .in, .info, .xyz etc). You need to select a domain and create your domain name.

2. Hosting:

Your blog-site requires a hosting server. Hosting server is a type of internet-based hard disk or memory. When you create your site, of course you need to attach various files or images, audio, video etc to every posts on your blog-site. Then, of course, you need a memory or space to hold these files, this memory or space is called hosting. There are different types of hosting, such as: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting etc. Blog-sites generally do not require that much space. If you have 1GB of hosting space for a year, its enough. You can still increase your demand accordingly. So you have to rent hosting from any one server.

There are many great Hosting Providers who provide affordable hosting services. You can find 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers for your Website. Or you can use Free hosting service. Nowadays many are using free hosting as well. Please find 10 Best Free Web Hosting Providers for your website.

3. Have a Gmail Account:

You must have a Gmail account. If not, you must create a Gmail account.

4. A Beautiful Blog Theme:

What will be the design of your site, where you place blog content and material, the text font of your article, the size, what color you should use, in a word the external view of your site is called ‘Theme’. There is no comparison to a premium theme to protect the beauty of your site and attract visitors. Although there is no shortage of free themes in WordPress, but premium theme is the best for professional blogging. There are many beautiful premium WordPress Blog themes available in the marketplaces, which can be easily customized without programming knowledge.

How to Create a WordPress Blog
How to create a WordPress Blog. Image : Pixabay

How to Create a WordPress Blog

There are many ways to create a Blog website. The best of them are to create a blog from WordPress and the other is to create a blog website from Blogger. You can create a blog site from any one. But I recommend to use WordPress to create your blog. WordPress runs 34.2% of all sites on the internet and host millions of blogging websites. There are thousands of free blogging themes you can find on WordPress. Also If you want to blogging professionally, I recommend to buy a Premium WordPress Blog Theme. These WordPress themes allow you to customize without coding skills. So, I will tell you today how to create a blog website using WordPress.

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If you want to create a blog site using most popular CMS WordPress then this is best for you. Millions of blog websites are created with WordPress CMS. To create a site you must first register a domain name and hosting. There are numerous websites that provide good hosting service at affordable prices. Bluehost, Hostgator, DreamHost is popular hosting providers.

It doesn’t matter if you can get the domain and hosting from any website you like. Then they will give you a site Control Panel to control your site through which you can control everything on your site. You have to login to the control panel and find out WordPress from the software section below. Then install WordPress and WordPress will give you their basic theme, where you can write any article or post you want.

WordPress software section
WordPress software section

Here is how to manually install WordPress. But the best is to download the latest version of WordPress from WordPress.org website and install it on the site.

This is how you can install WordPress:
  • Download the latest version of WordPress from the WordPress.org website.
  • Login to your site’s C-panel.
  • Click on File Manager and enter their.
  • Upload your WordPress zip folder from WordPress.org to pulic_html folder.
  • Unzip it and move all files to pulic_html folder.

If you know the work of web design and development, setting up a blogging site in WordPress is not a difficult task for you. You can develop and customize your blog very well. There are thousands of free themes available in WordPress, you can choose your theme and install. But if you do not have coding skills, then you should either hire a developer or buy a good custom Blog Theme, if you want to blogging professionally.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

Customizing your blogging site by hiring developers can be expensive. There are many good custom themes available, you can buy a good WordPress Blog theme and install it on your blog. You can do beautiful blogging without any coding skills. Here you can find some Amazing WordPress Blog themes from marketplaces. This will reduce your costs in many ways and allow you to customize your theme the way you want. Because you don’t need to know the coding anymore to customize the current premium WordPress themes.

How to post on a blog
New Post page
How to post on a blog:

After logging into your blog WordPress Admin Panel (yourdomain.com/wp-admin) and entering the dashboard you will see an option called Post from left top corner. Click “Add New” button and you will enter New Post page like the picture. There you have to write your post, place a title, write article and can place images on it, place a thumbnail image, so that the post is nice to look at. Then, according to the specifications of the post, set category, place some tags and after clicking on the publish button your post will published.

How to be a Successful Blogger

You can write about something when you know this topic very well. For this, you need to keep a little in mind when determining the topic of the blog, as you are well aware of the topic you are planning to create a blog on. Suppose you see that technology is a very good blog to write about, because everyone has great interest in technology. So if you are writing about this topic then you will get a lot of visitors.

What topics do you write on your blog?

Now you have spent a few bucks to create a blog, now you have a blog, it is very beautiful, there is no such thing to like. Now the job is to post some article on the site. But you see that you do not know much about the technology, then how do you write something for others on your blog.

So when creating a blog, you must keep in mind your ability. You also know what you don’t know. What you can write very neatly, determine the topic of your blog. Also I have made an article about this topic, you can read Make Money Online Blogging – 5 Tips to get visitors

How to earn from a Blog

Your blog site has been created, you posted content regularly, many shares and with the optimization of SEO, your blog now enters many visitor daily. Now the question may arise how to earn money from the blog and why or who will give you the money. Many of the newcomers think that many people can earn money from the internet, but they can not find a way to earn money by creating their own blog site. In fact, there is no money available on the Internet. There are certain ways that can be earned from blogging.

Then where does the money come from and who gives it the money? Then I tell you, these money is paid by different advertising companies. They promote their advertising by promoting their company or products in your blog, in return for which they give you money. As a result, you can understand whether they give you money or buy or pay for profit. So the more visitors enter your site, the more people will see that ad and the more products are sold, the more you will be paid by that advertising company. Now let’s talk about some earning ways to Online blogging.

1. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is a service of search engine giant Google. This allows Google to display ads on bloggers blogs and pay bloggers in return. This is the biggest and most widely used method of income from blogs. Adsense money depends on the visitor of the blog. If you have a lot of visitors, you can make good income otherwise you will not be able to. Google will display ads on your site, such as links to other websites. Now if a visitor of your blog clicks on that link and goes to the advertiser’s website, you will get paid.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a promote product of the various Online Marketplace that you promote on your blog, you will receive a certain amount of commission when sold. There are many other online shops including Amazon, Ebey and many others who pay for Affiliate Marketing. Moreover, if you search on Google you will find at least 50 good quality Affiliate Marketing marketplaces. There is a lot of income from these marketplaces if you can better organize your blog accordingly, get visitors and sell their products.

Also I have an article about 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online Blogging. Hope you read it and understand all the ways of earning from Blogging.

You can also contact your local company. Nowadays, the trend of advertising online from local newspaper is increasing. In addition, when your blog becomes very popular, you can earn money by promoting different sites or YouTube channels. There are more ways to earn money. In a word, if you can populate your site that way, you will not have to run behind the money, but money will run behind you. So without thinking of money first, it is better to keep in mind that make your blog bigger.

Feature Image : Pixabay

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