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Home Tech Story Microsoft to Invest $1 Billion in Carbon Reduction Technology

Microsoft to Invest $1 Billion in Carbon Reduction Technology

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) report, the presence of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere has gone beyond the record. Last year, the amount of carbon dioxide increased more than the average growth of a decade. At the same time, the amount of methane and nitrous gas that contributed to the temperature rise has also increased. In this context, Microsoft authorities have vowed to eliminate the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere over the past four and a half decades due to software giant Microsoft. Microsoft to invest $ 1 Billion in Carbon Reduction Technology.

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In addition, the US company has announced hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in a Climate Climate Fund called ‘Climate Innovation Fund’ and Microsoft invest Billion carbon reduction. According to the report, Microsoft’s move is different from other wholly owned subsidiaries. Other organizations have promised to reduce carbon emissions, either in the future or in the future. There Microsoft has also taken responsibility for its past.

In this regard, Microsoft CEO (CEO) Satya Nadella said, “If we have learned anything in the last decade, the development of technology through carbon emissions can do more harm than good. If global warming increases at the current rate, it will have dire consequences. So we need to find alternative paths.

Although US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Global Paris Agreement on Climate Change in 2017, Microsoft’s move will have a positive impact on climate change.

Microsoft has said that in the past, developing countries, which have played a major role in environmental pollution by emitting maximum carbon to increase wealth, have never taken responsibility. We will accept those countries responsible for carbon emissions and ask them to solve the problem.

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According to Microsoft President Brad Smith, “our plan is to reduce carbon emissions by half by 2030. Microsoft’s first plant is under construction, which will absorb 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Apple’s Caesar Switch Keyboard is coming

This year, Apple can bring the ‘smart keyboard’ design of the Caesar switch. The new keyboard may come with the next generation iPad or iPad Pro model. Apple’s new iPad might come with a ‘shining’ Caesar switch keyboard. If all goes well, the second quarter of 2020 will only meet the keyboard.

Not only the new keyboard, the new MacBook is coming. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Cesar keyboard is coming to market in the first quarter of 2020. The ‘Caesar Switch’ keyboard is considered as an accessory, not a ‘built-in’ component, MacRumors said. Apple product analyst Ming Chi Kuo has long said that Apple can bring this style of keyboard.

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In July last year, Kuo predicted that the iPad keyboard would first feature a rubber dome design, followed by a Cesar switch keyboard by 2020-21. Apple has shown a new Butterfly keyboard, reversing its previous keyboard design. Last October, Apple introduced the Caesar Switch design on its 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Image: The Wall Street Journal

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