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There is no such thing as Digital Marketing

There is no such thing as Digital Marketing. There is nothing called ‘digital marketing’. There is no one called ‘digital marketer’. There is only ‘marketing’ and ‘marketer’. Digital marketing seems like a big mistake to me. Stand up. Please don’t be fooled by digital marketing people reading this line. There are a lot of digital marketers, they don’t even read the ragmage before they cheat me.

When ancient Greek civilization began three thousand years ago, almost every city or town had an open courtyard. Where the common people would gather to talk about any matter, then there was the need to buy and sell essential goods. That open space was called ‘Agora’.

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Gradually it appeared that if someone was selling something, even if someone had a political statement, he would come to Agra. Ever shouted to everyone. Never again or now writes a pamphlet, poster or wall-like animal on the leather-stone-wall, sometimes praising its product, price, quantity; Again and again the argument against or against someone’s statement. Like many other things in the modern world, the original idea of ​​’marketing communication’ and practice also came from Agora’s work.

The funny thing is that from the very beginning, one of the principles of marketing communication is noticed! What is that Very simple. That is, “Where the crowd is, there will be talk.” As the people gather, the writing of the speech-speech-pamphlet-walls will be all in Agora. What would you call it? Agora Marketing?

Then many centuries later came the reign of the printing press. As a means of communication, the era of printed paper began. Everything from literature to religion, from science to science, from advertising to political ideas took refuge in small types of characters.

Then Jagdish Chandra Bose of this place and Marconi of Odic brought the era of radio. For the first time, the word ‘printed’ has become the main medium of communication. Added to the sound of the mouth is the rhythm of the instrument, which we call music. Talks have become more enjoyable. Then there was the conduction of various mechanical sounds. The sound of these effects has become commonplace! The closer the audience is to the mind, the more it is to cut the spots. That’s when I started feeling a voice artist. Soon another unexpected thing started.

For the first time in the history of human civilization, a large number of people were assembled at the same time, without having to move them literally. Busy! Marketers took advantage of this opportunity. Radio has become the main advertising medium! Great application of the formula called “Where the crowd is, there will be talk”.

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Then came the mighty ‘television’. No matter how much we call it ‘dumbbox’ in the language of the song, this square box actually made us fool the opposite. Billions of people have billions of eyes on the screen of this box! What a wonderful mix of pictures with words! Based on this is a whole new industry called cinema! And there is a new wave of marketing communication or advertising. We only know very well how strong the tide is. No need to explain new ones.

Then? Then a new powerful demon appeared, transforming the super-signal of electricity into a binary number. We call it ‘digital system’. The microprocessor gave the monster an infinite amount of magic. Busy! The whole world has changed! Hundreds of millions of people from all over the world gathered in this monster’s kingdom. A new world was created that could not be captured, touched. The name is ‘Virtual World’.

There is no day, no night, every moment of this world is crowded with hundreds of millions of people. Every moment something new can be revealed. It also separates everyone, as much as anyone wants. What an infinite opportunity! Marketers also jumped again. Although the original formula is the same. “Where the crowd is, there will be talk.” There is no difference with that agora from three thousand years ago.

My question is, should we call Agora Centric Marketing three thousand years ago, ‘Agora Marketing’? Similarly, the term print marketing or TV marketing can not be heard in the next. But why do I separate now as ‘digital marketing’?

Why did I say this? The reason is.

The reason is that gradually it seems that to say ‘digital marketing’ we have started to think of it as something different from core marketing. However, ‘digital marketing’ is nothing but different, but only a part of marketing.

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As we plan for TV-on-the-radio-outdoor-print, to me, ‘digital’ is just a communication channel. Each channel has its own specific features, advantages, disadvantages, digital also has its own specific features, advantages, disadvantages. It is the job of the marketer to understand them properly. The problem is, how digital marketing has become something ‘different’. The danger is there.

What’s the danger

I’ve seen a lot of marketing plans for the year. One is ‘Marketing Plan’, another ‘Digital Marketing Plan’. What a shock! Does the two plans you have, do the two plans work in two ways? For two purposes? In front of the two targets? Will you use two creatives, two communications? However, the consumer is the same person.

The person who looks at your brand communication paper, listens to the radio, enjoys the TV, watches on the billboard; It will be on the mobile-laptop again. Not a different person. Now if ‘digital marketing’ is a different world, if you show it to a different target, with a different target, then you can show it to them, but the poor will be just confused, there is nothing better.

However, in many brands, I see their use of non-digital, conversational, behavioral, and totally different digital! Non-digital channels have one type of personality, another type in digital. Likewise I have seen in many cases, even with the strategy, the target consumer group has changed to digital! What a fierce storm!

Consumer, however, does not exist in both worlds as digital and analog. He has one ‘I’, one brain, one thought process, one decision making process. Whether it is digital or analog decision making, that difference never comes. What comes is what I saw, heard, and understood. So if he is thrown into two types of communication in the name of digital and non-digital marketing, then no harm to the brand, vice versa.

What should be done then?

I have neither the courage nor the courage to give advice. But what can I say? I view my marketing plan as a total marketing plan. Considering all the P, Communication, Distribution, Company Mission-Vision-Investment capability, I try to make a marketing plan by knitting all these yarns together. There is only one brand communication strategy.

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According to the object, how to reach it effectively, the communication plan was created in front of it. Digital marketing is just a horse pulling the car out of that plan. As with all other horses like TV-Radio-Outdoor-Print, the digital horse must also run to pull the same car in the same direction. Not something different or different. Only then will I win the race.

There is nothing so different to me as a digital marketer. Whether you work digital or non-digital, no matter where you use Facebook, Google, TV, radio, posters, the key to brand building will be the same. Recognize the Consumer as the palm of your hand, determine the brand’s purity, adjust your personality and maintain its conscience no matter what.

That is, your field of work, whether digital or non-digital, needs to understand the basics of marketing and branding, not just Google Analytics, Facebook’s buying pattern and GDN. As a digital technician, if you do not understand the brand, the brand will not benefit in any way. So don’t think of yourself as a digital marketer, it would be better to think of a marketer as a Line of thought!

So digital marketing seems to me to be a big misconception. I don’t have anything called ‘digital marketing’. There is no one called ‘digital marketer’. There is only ‘marketing’ and ‘marketer’.

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