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Oppo brings Smartwatch – WhatsApp off to Older Phones

Chinese tech giant Oppo is going to be a surprise. The company Oppo can brings a new smartwatch. Smartwatches can have curved glass designs. For a long time there have been rumors about various new devices. This was reported in a NDTV report.

He recently released photos of the new device, vice-president Brian Shen. As seen in the picture, the design of the Apple Watch is very similar to the Apple smartwatch. The physical button is on the right side of the smartwatch.

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Shen recently published a photo on a micro-blogging website in China. He did not divulge the name of the device even though the picture was released. Gold color metal frame is seen on the smartwatch. It has a cream colored silicone strap.

Shane is hoping that Oppo can take away this year’s smartwatch. The watchface has a floral design. It will support the ECG. New smartwatches may be available by March this year. The price of the new device has not been released.

WhatsApp off to all Older Phones

WhatsApp service was shut down for millions of older iPhone and Android users. WhatsApp is no longer supported on earlier versions of Android 4.0.3 and earlier versions of iOS 9 starting Saturday. Facebook-owned WhatsApp authorities said this in a blog post.

WhatsApp authorities have said that an updated version of WhatsApp will be available on Android 4.0.3 and later, iOS 9 and later versions of Kios 2.5.1. Because WhatsApp will no longer develop the operating system for older versions, many functions will not work properly even if WhatsApp is running on older phones. In addition there will be no security program for older version smartphones. This allows hackers to easily attack WhatsApp. Cyber ​​security experts recommend using the regular update app.

If you have an older Android phone or a phone running 2.3.7 or lower and an earlier version of iPhone 8, WhatsApp will continue to run normally. However, it will not have the opportunity to open a new account or verify the account. Apart from this, there will be some problems running WhatsApp.

Apple authorities say only 7 percent of iPhone users use iOS 12 or older. However, the US technology maker did not say exactly how many users are using the old iPhone.

On January 23, WhatsApp authorities decided to stop WhatsApp on an older phone after two UN experts called for an investigation into Amazon’s chief executive Bezos’ WhatsApp account hacked. In 2018 Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman’s personal WhatsApp account is alleged to have sent malware video to Jeff Bezos’s iPhone.

It should be noted that last year, WhatsApp authorities announced that WhatsApp will be discontinued on different phones from 2020. WhatsApp will be shut down on all Windows Phone phones after December 31, according to a blog post by the company.

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WhatsApp will be discontinued from February 1, 2020 on iOS 8 or older operating system. In addition, WhatsApp won’t work on phones running Android 2.3.7 or older. Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for $ 19 billion. The company is currently trying to bring Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp together.

Important phones that can’t run WhatsApp include all versions of the iPhone 5 below, all Microsoft Lumia smartphones, HP Elite smartphones, all kinds of Android phones that came on the market before 2010. Android phones include Google Nexus One, Samsung Epic Fourji, Motorola Droid X and more.

Experts suggest that if you need to run WhatsApp, the operating system needs to be updated, otherwise you will need to start using WhatsApp alternative apps. There are many older apps that will support older phones as an alternative to WhatsApp for communication. But if WhatsApp is urgent, there is no option to switch to the new system.

Feature Image: XDA Developers

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