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Pinterest Marketing – 15 Tips to Succeed on Pinterest

Pinterest is a web and mobile application that acts as a photo sharing website. On March 2010 – Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp founded Pinterest. Facebook is the first place on social networks and the competition to grab second place is running between Pinterest and Twitter. 250 million people use Pinterest every month. Most of them are about bloggers, companies, brands and businesses. The use of Pinterest in business is increasing day by day. In this article we discussed about some Tips to succeed on Pinterest Marketing.

Pinterest is currently having a huge impact on social media. Although its a photo-sharing site, it is difficult to find a convenient place like Pinterest on other social media businesses. And it goes without saying that Pinterest is most popular for those who like shopping. So with Pinterest, you can grow your business by promoting your product very easily.

Whatever you need to do to bring visitors from Pinterest

Here is some important tips how to bring huge visitors from interest to your website.

1. Link your Website to Pinterest:
  1. Do you have an account at Pinterest? If not, open an account now named after you or your brand.
  2. Give a nice description of yourself or the brand on your profile. Two to three line descriptions are good in this regard.
  3. Keep in mind that the profile picture should be able to present you or your brand nicely.
  4. You must link your website to the profile.

See How to Link to a Website:

  1. Log in. Go to right corner and Click on the “Edit Settings” option.
  2. Go to ‘Claim’ from rightbar and write your website address in ‘Claim your website’ section and press ‘Claim’ button.
Pinterest - Claim your website
See How to Link to a Website

Verify the website link. If verified, the tick mark will appear next to the link shown in the profile. And this will increase your website visits, Because a tick mark means building trust for each visitor which is considered as a business capital. If Verify, Pinterest’s free analytics tool will be unlocked. You can find out how many visitors are visiting the site daily or how to increase the visitor.

2. Add Pinterest Follow Button

Add a Pinterest follow button on the website. The follow button drives the visitor to Pinterest, where all the pictures and descriptions of your product are attractive. This allows you to easily bring your targeted client to you, Which is a lot of trouble, even with a lot of link building.

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3. Link to other Social Networks

Link your Pinterest account to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. This means your Facebook friends and Twitter followers will be able to stay connected with your Pinterest. Whenever you pin something, its notification will be sent to followers on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Creating Pinable Text Images

Create Pinable Text Images to promote your website or product. Because Pinterest is basically an image-based site. It is through the image that everyone promotes their products. So you understand, the more attractive you can promote the product through image, the more your business will succeed.

Pinterest feed
Pinterest feed
5. Create Board according to Category

You must place your images inside the board and sort the board according to the category. This will show your pins at followers’ feeds, not only that, also show on the boards of the same connected category.

6. Contribute to Popular Boards

Popular boards are one of the ways to generate traffic. Because this board has a lot of followers. So spend some time finding out the owner of that board. Request them to Contribute your PIN on their board. If possible, share your content and other information on their board. This will bring a lot of visitors to your website.

7. Create Blog Boards

Create boards for your blog articles, So that your followers can easily find your blog. Give the title of the blog and Pinterrest the same title. When writing a blog post, you must pin it to the blog board. As well as articles in essence or quotations, an image that will represent your post and link to the blog article.

8. Pin Regularly

Like other social sites Pinterest has to give you regular time. The longer you can be connected with your board followers, the more they will be connected to you. That’s why pin quality content, pin regularly to get your pin show on followers’ feeds. However, you must maintain consistency. You will surely follow those who follow you. Check other boards regularly to get an idea of the quality pins.

Pinterest Marketing Tips
Pinterest Marketing Tips. Image: Pixabay

Some Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest marketing tips that are tested by marketing team and here you can find out which method is more effective. Here are some tips you should follow to do good at Pinterest:

9. Pin more and more

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement is to pin more and more. Pin ten times a day rather than once or twice a day. This will increase your fan engagement by 3x times, which is proven empirically from the Pinterest marketing team. Even a member of the team says from pinning research results, it is better to pin five to thirty times.

10. Create Pin Schedule

There are a few things we should consider when pinning. For example, doing a pre-planned work ahead of time will make our job a lot easier. We can always share different good content on Pinterest in a categorized way and if you can put it into a schedule, a good result can be expected within a few days. Adjust the pins you are doing is very important to your audience.

11. Apply Rich Pin

Rich Pin is a free Pinterest feature that helps make your pins more detailed and informative. There are five types of Rich Pin to Pinterest:

  1. Article pin has headline, author, description and link access facilities.
  2. The product pin has real-time pricing, product availability and receiving place.
  3. The recipe pin contains the ingredients list, cooking time and serving information.
  4. Movie Pin has ratings, performers list and reviews.
  5. Place pin contains address, phone number and map.

However, Rich Pin is only for the Verified site.

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12. Make the image in right size

I will share with you a super idea from the Pinterest Business Blog and that is vertical image best for pin. The most acceptable ratio for pinning an image to Pinterest is 2: 3 or 1: 3: 5, but the image should be at least 600 pixels wide. Because the pins look best when arranged vertically. But if the image is greater than 1: 3: 5, then the pin will be cut off.

13. Good Keyword related descriptions

Try to understand readers’ activity. Encourage them ‍such as share or link add place. Keep in mind some other things like:

  1. Proper capitalization and punctuation are required in writing. If the grammar is okay then it is better to read it.
  2. Don’t use a hash tag.
  3. No promotional offers
  4. Make no requests for Pinterest functionality (eg: click here to pin).
14. Using links is very important

Pinterest has done a tremendous job by giving visitors the “click for more information” option. It is clickable pin, and if it is rich pin then information and link can be easily installed. If you pin the link with the value will always get a little higher and pins with links are 90% more likely to be top pins.

15. Using multiple images on the same pin

Many of Pinterest’s top-level and popular posts have arranged many images together. Make a couple of related images and make a nice pin, you will notice that these pins are sometimes much more popular than single image pins.

Feature Image : Pixabay

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