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11 tips for practicing Street Photography

Now street photography is quite popular. In addition to hobbies, professional photographers is also increasing day by day. Following some techniques in street photography this will become more lively and colorful. Let’s know some tips and tricks.

1. Must take more shots

Too common a mistake new street photographers make that is, taking 2-3 pictures of one scene goes elsewhere. That is not right. You want to take a picture from that scene should be take 10-15 picture from different angles. The more you pick will better. The reason? The more pictures you take, increase your chances of getting a better shot. Because in many shots, one of the perfect eye contact may come. Much like playing football, a shot is a goal from many shots!

2. Proper use of Flash

There may not always be daylight or appropriate lighting. Then the camera’s flashlight can be used or use external flash lights. Or you can use the flash when your subject is in opposite of sun. You can use Flash even in daylight, it often works. The more you experiment, the better the picture will get.

Street Photography
Street Photography
3. Correct Eye Contact

It is said that “the eyes are the windows of the soul.” If the subject’s eye contact is interesting in the picture, then the image goes to another level. It looks like the subject of your photo frame is interacting directly with the viewer! But how to find the perfect eye contact in street photography? You keep taking pictures very close to the subject. Unless they look at you and just click till look perfect.

4. Take pictures from below

Most photographers take pictures from the eye level, which are mostly boring perspective. We are all accustomed to this view, you can highlight the unique glory from the bottom. By taking a picture from below you make your subject attractive than normal life. This is something that makes your street photography unique.

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5. Capture ‘Irrational Moment’

We usually like to take pictures of some of the best moments. But some of the pictures may also be special when the subject has forgotten about the camera man and is doing normal activities. It is now called Candid Pictures by many and celebrities are called “Paparazzi”.

How to make irrational moments? Very simple, when you take a picture you can move the subject to a different state by asking a variety of questions. That is, he should forget about the camera. As such, what are your plans for today? where do you live? How to express yourself? What’s the story of your life? When the subject starts talking, when the subject goes away in the “storytelling mode”, Then you can take some pictures which is a thousand times stronger than the pose picture.

Street Photography
Capture ‘Irrational Moment’
6. Directly focus on the subject

If you want to take pictures to the subject with permission, then let the subject prefer the background and take a picture. Many times you can give directions to the subject. Hand over sunglasses or tou can tell to put a hand on his hair or watch. You can ask again where bought it or why bought it and take pictures while telling story.

7. Please do another time for me?

When you were taking pictures, suddenly the subject did something interesting that might have been pretty good. Then you can say, please do another time for me? You might even get one of the best shots of your life.

8. Pre-set technique

It’s a nice technique for street photography. Select a classic background and stand by, wait to enter the subject you like and click. You can wait for the subject by selecting the interesting background, billboard or direction. This technique is called fishing technique. Because you’re waiting hours to select the frame but no subject was caught, there may be many good things in the moment. This is why another name of good photographer is “Patience”.

Street Photography
Pre-set technique
9. Shoot face to face

Usually new photographers take pictures directly from the side, not from the face. But if you want to make the photographs a lot more interesting and dynamic, take a direct face-to-face picture. Taking photos with wide lenses makes this more useful, because then it seems that the subject may be in front of the viewer. To take pictures like this stop somewhere at Crowdate Place. Then when someone walks towards you take some pictures and move on, that is how to take some interesting pictures.

10. Use of lines, patterns and textures

If you don’t like photography with people then you can work with Conceptual Street Photography, where lines, patterns and textures can be worked. It is possible to do various interesting photography through old buildings, rail lines, electric wires etc.

11. Proper use of negative space

Negative space can be used in a more creative way. Negative space allows your image to take a break, ‍so that more focus can be given to the single subject. You can use negative space using shadow. Take pictures by exposure to minus 1 or 2, then increase the black color contrast in post processing. Then there will be negative space photography.

Images : Pixabay

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