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22 Best Ways of Successful Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt that the social media has long occupied the highest spot of the business campaign in terms of marketing acceptance. Nowadays the importance of social media in promoting the product or various marketing is huge. In this article we will discuss about the 20 most effective ways of marketing social media. The following statistics are able to give a proof of importance social media:

  1. 86% of marketers use social media marketing to promote their business.
  2. As much as investing in social media marketing gets a double return over the next five years.
  3. 74% of marketers acknowledge the importance of Facebook in terms of lead generation.
  4. 92% of consumers simply believe in information obtained through social media marketing compared to other marketing.
  5. 74% of marketers say that only spending 5 hours a week on social media marketing can increase web site traffic.
  6. 95% of entrepreneurs currently make business decisions on social media.
  7. 53% of people trust Twitter recommendation and 48% of people are interested in buying a Twitter recommendation product.

I hope there are no more obstacles to understand the importance of social media marketing.



The best way to get your product popularized on Facebook is to use attractive images. And it could be a picture of your product or service or a banner designed. However, you must be careful that it must be posted to the relevant group or page.

1. Popular Topics: Find out which topics are being discussed the most on Facebook. Set your goals by aligning with popular topics and provide a post about the topic.

2. Use Quotes Image: Quotes image can generate the most consumer interest. Post quotes regularly in conjunction with your product or service.

3. Question Poll: One of the ways to keep Followers engagement on Facebook is by Question poll. This process can easily help you maintain a good relationship with your friends or the Followers. In addition, it is much more effective than other Facebook strategies. In this process you can easily set your goals by verifying opinions.



Pinterest is a platform where you can pin valuable information to your company on a pin board. If your company doesn’t have enough pictures to share, So here’s your chance to pin other info, Which will assist you in collecting the consumer.

4. Inspiration Boards: This is a heterogeneous event on Pinterest. Where you can pin different pictures of your product or service. This will create a kind of inspiration for your company. This makes your business activities much easier.

5. Staff Photos: Another heterogeneous arrangement of Pinterest is to arrange a photo with a brief bio-data from your company colleagues or staff. This gives consumers a more general idea of your company and the place of their faith is strengthened.

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6. Event Photo: If you host an event, you can create an event photo. You can give pictures and details of who will be present at the event. This will help you in social marketing.

7. Holiday Themed Boards: During the holidays you can pin different types of themes that will help increase visitors. You can pin interesting pictures such as Christmas day, valentine day, independent day etc.

8. Staff Favorite Recipes: We all know recipes are very popular on Pinterest. So if not compatible with your business, you can pin recipes for different dishes.

9. Videos: Don’t forget to share Youtube video on Pinterest. Informational videos about your organization or product will do a lot to increase your consumer.



The success of Twitter in terms of international social media marketing cannot be overstated. Good and informative tweets will easily reach you in the consumer arena.

10. Stats: Stats are the easiest way to engage Follower. If your stats are good, it will be easier to attract consumers.

11. Questions: Ask a question that can be answered within 280 character. It does a lot of good work on Twitter.

12. Quotes: Using quotes have the same benefits as Stats. To get the retweet, write a content within the 280 character and tweet where Quotes are used.

13. Article: Write an article about your product or service and share in the tweet.

14. Using Hashtags: You can use hashtags if you have any events or with regular post. This is a popular social marketing strategy.



LinkedIn is a great platform for publishing business content ‍and popular social media. It’s a bit different than Facebook or Twitter. This is a very special site. In the meantime it has become a great job for professionals.

15. Content: Write a blog with a more in-depth analysis of the content of your product or service and share it on LinkedIn.

16. Ask questions in groups: LinkedIn is a completely professional social media site. I have noticed that a very professional question is also capable of sparking discussion on LinkedIn.

17. eBooks: Since LinkedIn is a very professional social media site, here you can share your eBooks.



Instagram is a platform where you can represent the lifestyle of your company or brand. People search Instagram for content they like. It can enhance the business brand value, enrich the business

18. Employee Photos: Is your company employee very cool and fashionable? You can post pictures of their eating, working out, having fun etc. on Instagram regularly.

19. Behind the Scenes: Here you can highlight different types of fun behaviors outside of your company’s employees’ normal life-style or official behavior. This will help your company be transparent.

20. Products: Frequently uploading pictures of a product or service causes boredom. Rather than where and how this product or service is created, upload such pictures.

21. Post Videos: Your product or service can be created and uploaded here which will give you the advantage of video marketing. In addition, you can also hold videos of the working hours of the employees.

22. Blog Content: Share your blog content on all platforms, once you have a strong standing across all platforms. And that’s how you become a successful online marketer.

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