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WordPress Security – Your site is safe from hackers?

According to research by Wordfence, one of the most popular WordPress security blogs, 35 million WordPress CMS users each day in July 2017 have just been admitted to brute force attack. WordPress Security – Your site is safe from hackers?

And as we all know, WordPress now holds over 60% market share in CMS Market. Where their nearest competitor is Joomla’s market share is less than 7%. That is, WordPress does not have the backbone of WordPress. So we should think very seriously about the security issues of WordPress WebSite.

Today I will talk about the security issue of the WordPress website, reading the whole article will give you a clear idea of ​​how to protect your website from hackers and make more security.

Creating a website costs enough time, effort, and money. And the website is meant to be hacked but all the hard work goes to the ground. So you never want your hacked websites to be hacked by hackers. So let’s not know what are the ways to secure a website and save the hackers.

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Renaming WordPress Login URL

We often use wp-admin or wp-login.php as the login URL during WordPress installation. This is because by default this is set. As a result, hackers can easily access the login page.

If a website is a house, then the login page is like a door to a website. So if you can hide your door from hackers, then there is less risk of being stolen.

If a hacker gets a link to your website’s login page, he will first try to attack Brutforce. Changing the login URL in this case reduces the likelihood of a direct Bruteforce attack by 90%.

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Admin Username and IP Block feature

Another common omission during WordPress installation is the site’s username – Admin. Hackers can easily access the site. Suppose a hacker knows the login URL and user name of the site, then all that is left is to trace the password. There is rarely a website in the world where user name “Admin” is not hacked.

In this case you can use the plugin to increase the security of the site. If any user or hacker tries to login to the site with the wrong password, then the IP will automatically be blocked.

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Don’t use common passwords

Login URL, Username followed by Password. We are all a little lazy when it comes to giving passwords. In this space, we make very few passwords by mistake. ‘123456’ is a password. ‘Qwerty’ ‘letmein’ is the most frequently used password on earth. Ivan “starwars” was one of the top 25 passwords of 2015, click for details.

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What to do? The password should always be stored. In this case the password generator help can be taken. A Strong Password is usually made up of uppercase, lowercase, number and symbol. However, be careful not to forget the password again and do not forget it, so save it somewhere.

Using Two-Step Authentication

You changed the login URL, changed the user name and also used the Strong password. Even then, the site goes from fear of being hacked. The last step to get rid of this can be two step Authentication.

It requires 2 devices to login to the site. After entering the user name password in the login page of the user site, a message will be sent to the device you set earlier. The message will be a code that means on the main device, from where you have tried to login, you can enter the site.

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Using SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is basically a popular step to protect the admin panel. SSL ensures secure data transfer between users’ browsers and servers, and makes it difficult for hackers to spoof data and make bridge connections.

When visiting a website, we see one thing at the very beginning of the URL bar, https: // or http: // if a site’s address bar contains http: // before the website address, meaning that this website has no SSL certification and the site is not secure. And if a site’s address bar has https: // before the website’s address, it means that this website has SSL certification and the site is secure.

Setting up and using SSL for WordPress website is nothing too difficult. You can purchase it from your hosting provider.

Regularly updating WordPress, themes and plugins

All types of software are updated after a specified time. However, we know that WordPress is updated very frequently. One of the main and frequent reasons for updating frequently is to fix bugs. WordPress software is updated but your site is not updated. It has to be updated manually.

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If your site is not updated then hackers can easily hack your website by detecting bugs of previous software.

Not updating your themes and plugins can cause serious problems. Many hackers may simply hack sites for not updating their plugins and themes. Because if not updated for a long time, hackers can find their bugs. So, if you use WordPress products like plugins and themes, update them regularly.

Keep regular backups of the site

An important task to keep your website safe is to keep an off-site backup week or month. Because if there is a problem with the site you can take immediate action. Moreover, if you have a backup of the site, you can customize your WordPress website anytime you like.

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Hopefully you have a clear idea about the basic security of the WordPress website. Following the above steps will reduce the chance of hacking the site.

If you find my article helpful, please share the article. Because of your inspiration, I encourage writing something better in the future. And if you have any questions, please let me know via comment, I will try to answer.

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